Midweek Mini Movies

by singletrackjon 11

We’re going to kick this week’s bit of lunch break timewasting inspiration off with this bonkers video. Inversions in the mountains always do something a bit funny with our vertigo and combining that with a bit of Via Ferrata hike a bike makes us twitch a bit. It looks properly steep and loose with plenty of serious switchbacks – we assume it’s somewhere in the Dolomites…

“What is mountain biking about?” asks this video. We’re not sure, but it’s nicely shot, well produced and reminds us of Alpine summertime, which is a big plus now we’ve had our first serious frost here. Soon we’ll need to answer the question “what tyres for ice?” and then answer it by putting more fuel on the fire and pointedly ignoring our bike for a bit.

Ash at Trail Addiction has been using the autumn to do a bit of trail searching in the Savoie region of the Alps. Plenty of leafy drifting, quite a bit of exposure to the side and the odd spot of wooping noises. It’s what autumn should be about.

Woo, it’s the nothing-to-do-with-biking interlude, this week bringing you binocular football. What could be funnier than people with heavily altered depth perception? Very little, that’s what. Japanese game shows are amazing – the sort of stuff that’d make total sense if you’d done a Timothy Leary and eaten all the acid but are slightly bewildering if your mind is chemically unaltered. Why is the ref dressed as a rabbit? How many hamstrings were torn beyond repair? The mind boggles.

Okay, we’re back on track. Here’s 4X racer Scott Beaumont at our ‘local’ pump track at Lee Quarry. Makes it look ridiculously easy.

Matt raved so much about how Dustin Dollin is ‘a proper gnar shredder’ that we felt obliged to put this video up. The man’s got skill, doesn’t mind a bit of pain and has ankles that have seen more abuse than a kebab shop punchbag machine.

James has bravely stood forward and sent in this video of him smashing himself into the ground in a beautiful bit of over the bars action. Well worth waiting for the payoff at the end, then rewinding it, watching it over again and making funny “ooooof” noises. The involuntary flapping to delay the inevitable is something we’ve all done at some point…

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  1. Loving the Dalbeattie slab video toons, good effort 😉

  2. That footie is genius!

  3. someone should remind TA that skids are for kids :s

  4. Yes they are indeed. Especially through leaves…

  5. So you’re on for a ban if you avoid the swear filter but the ‘f’ word is acceptable in posted by the mods videos, hmmmm!!!

  6. Most of the Jap gameshow clips are approaching 30yrs old yet they are still as fresh and as funny today. This Japanese one is my alltime classic- you need sound though…..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSOr6Mse_FY&feature=related

  7. Toons for the win. Brilliant

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