Innerleithen Mountain Bike Series 2011

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If you’re getting miserable that the season of racing is over and all that remains is getting a winter coat of fat on, then here’s some good news for you.

The Innerliethen Mountain Bike series will be holding three events at the start of 2011 for you to test you handling skills and fitness against others through the depths of winter, just the thing for a bit of motivation. Here are the details:

Enduro 30th January.

Exciting trails using the full height of the hill, making the most of your efforts getting up there. Every type of trail condition possible; rock, roots, mud and hardpack make this style of event the realm of technical riders, add short pedalling sections and the all rounders should rise to the top if they have the skills. Entry costs £30.

Mini DH 13th February.

Winter downhill racing as it used to be; a fun, chilled atmosphere, trying to get one over on your mates in the conditions that only a Scottish winter can deliver. This is a push-up event, do as many runs as you can or need to, the quickest one counts. Entry costs £30.

Mountain time trial 13th March.

Building on from the success of the last few years, the mountain time trial returns with tough climbs and rewarding descents. This time around, the course has been added to and tweaked with more ‘off-piste’ to increase the challenge and take you to new places on the hill. Entry costs £20.
If you’d like to know more or enter, point your internet at

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  1. Looks ace….especially right now from my warm living room….but still ace none the less.

  2. No Juvenile cat for the DH event?
    From the rules…..


    Junior Female (16 – 19)
    Junior Male (16-19)
    Senior Female (19 +)
    Senior Male (19 – 39)
    Vet Male (40 +)

    (as per BC rules you race in the age you TURN in 2011 e.g. if you turn 40 in 2011 you are a Vet)

    – We will consider applications to race the DH event from the parents of riders who turn 15 this year, and who raced the Mini DH series in 2010. Email before making an entry.

  3. Have pencilled in Feb 13th…

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