Greek Tragedy

by ed-o 6

Feeling a bit 'hang dog' about it all

You’ve probably heard all about the recent theft of Singletrack bikes and a laptop. We were feeling pretty ‘hang dog’ about it all, and to make the tragedy worse, all the photos and video material from a riding trip to Greece were on the laptop. Jon and myself had been away exploring the mountain biking that Greece has to offer for an upcoming Singletrack Magazine feature. We were shown great hospitality from the locals and were introduced to some of the fantastic singletrack riding that they have. Life was good, the trails were dry and the sun was shining. However you will never get to see any of this, as all the photos are gone now. I have a few shady pictures on my iPhone from various bars that Jon and myself trawled in the interests of cultural research, but there’s nothing that could illustrate a feature in the photographic tradition that Singletrack is famous for.

Captain Jack about to break us in the mountains of Arcadia

Luckily our friend George Papantoniou took these photos with his compact camera, so we have something to remember the trip with. The magazine feature will still be written and it will tell of the heroic challenges we faced, the mountains we conquered, the philosophy we discussed and the huge number of animals that we ate. Rather than using photos though, we will be commissioning an artist to illustrate the feature and to show a flavour of the great times that can be had with bikes in this cradle of western civilisation. I think it’s going to be pretty unique and should look really cool.

It was just like Hebden Bridge

You can steal our bikes and our photos, but you cannot steal our spirit. The Greek riding feature will be in issue 63 of Singletrack Magazine. Many thanks to Fotis Panas for organising the trip and to all our new Greek friends for sharing their trails with us and trying to destroy us in the finest ‘break the journo’ tradition.

Greek culture can be quite uplifting

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  1. Dunkirk spirit in full effect.

    To the thieves I say “stick you and your momma too.. and your daddy” (copyright /Daphne and Celeste/)

  2. Daphne and Celeste – the original one hit wonder. Yours is a disturbing mind, Benji. As for the thieves, I hope their next jobbie is a pineapple!

  3. They had two hits actually. U.G.L.Y. ;-P

  4. That is a scary knowledge of pop-pap there Ben!

  5. He ain’t got no alibi for knowing that rubbish!

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