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Don’t say we never treat you to anything – the makers of the low-fi riding film, Pretty Sweet, have arranged for us to show their handiwork in three parts over the next week.

Pretty Sweet is all about the kind of riding the average person does. There are no massive jumps, no death defying drops, it’s just about escaping into the mountains to ride with friends, having adventures and seeing what you find. It’s been shown at the prestigious Llanberis Mountain Film Festival, Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival and other showings throughout the country, but now you lovely lot can see it yourselves…

Views per episode are going to be limited to 5,000 so you’d best hurry up.

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    Oh… god… pleaase… don’t… say… gnarly

    It’s very nice and, don’t get me wrong – I like the original premise, (endless yawning jumps by The Collective do get a bit yawn-inducing at times) but it’s a bit like a visual wallpaper to have on in the background while doing something more interesting. I’m not sure what it’s for actually. Who are these people?

    I was also left wondering at the start if it were a joke parody of Seasons. ‘Summer… man…. where did it go’. The music and editing all seem to be aping, not innovating.


    The creator of this video has not given you permission to embed it on this domain.

    This is a Vimeo Plus feature.

    Embedded vid doesn’t work on the webpage for me – get the above message

    I reckon you are taking it a bit too seriously no eyed dear, its obviously tongue firmly in cheek ๐Ÿ˜‰

    and the back in the day V brakes comment made me laugh out loud, nice piece of work guys ๐Ÿ™‚

    I can’t stop watching from 2:40 over and over, too funny! This is what its all about, having fun! Thanks for the lunch time video and getting me amped to ride those winter trails

    Xiphon – are you viewing the site through anything else? The video will only work as an embed on the Singletrackworld.com domain…

    If you still can’t see it then check out our Vimeo channel here – vimeo.com/singletrackmag

    Yup, viewing it on the singletrackworld.com domain. Still get the above. Browser is FF 3.6.12.

    Works fine on the vimeo domain though.

    Nice vid and surprisingly interesting to watch after years of watching massive huck vids

    think they missed a big trick with this one. It was meant to be the opposite of all these ‘knarly’ big drop films but really it was just 2 bikers who walked up every climb, rode down semi -tech descents and it had about 20 secs of just riding flowing singletrack. If your gonna stay away from big drop films at least have some puishing climbs where you biking up instead of pushing, some long pieces of flowing singletrack. 4/10

    I really liked that, The kind of riding that the majority of us actually do. Looking forward to the next episodes.

    The problem with showing what the average rides rides, is that your average rider looks pretty crap. The riders aren’t the greatest, they look uncomfortable at the best.

    Why not show great riders riding average terrain, much better. See here: http://dirt.mpora.com/news/speed-kings-matt-simmonds-joe-smith.html. Now that makes me want to get out and ride.

    What’s the first track on the clip called and who is it by?

    how completely boring! if i want to see punters struggle with rock sections i can go to my local woods! at least film decent riders! Watch Joe Barnes Dudes of Hazard if you want to get stoked through some good trail riding.

    nice idea, but didn’t really work for me. If I’d made it I’d be very proud of it, but the big problem about two average riders being filmed riding averagely well is that it just looks a bit average. I agree with radoggair about the lack of climbing. Make another one with some lung-busting climbs before the descents and I could be impressed.

    I DID enjoy the struggle to clear the rock step tho’. Been there a few times ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well I quite liked it. Not sure how long the premise will hold up though. One 5 minute vid is good but how long can you watch people riding bikes for fun. Even “extreme” stuff gets to be boring after a while.

    It’s a product of the very current cult whereby ordinary bikers think it’s cool to film themselves and show the world. Unless you’re a pro rider/pro director team, or exceptionally talented amateurs, I reckon the result is mildly entertaining for the people involved, and pretty much dull as dishwater for everyone else.

    Made me want to ride, which must be good, non?

    Stop pushing and start riding! Still makes me want to go ride though and far better than anything that I could make.

    Looks like any number of rides I’ve been on which where exciting to ride, were not exciting to watch video of. 2/10

    Hey Guys. Cheers for all the comments. Great to hear that it has inspired a few of you to head out. Just thought I would mention that we made this film with no prior experience and a 150 quid camcorder and it was only ever going to be a film about how being ‘mr average’ does not make riding any less than fun than someone with Peatesque skills. We where both surprised and chuffed to see the film accepted to festivals and that the boyo’s at STW gave us this opportunity. If you are not a fan, fair enough, but if you fancy giving the last 2 episodes a chance, perhaps we can win you round.


    I thought it was Nice. Reminded me very much of some rides I’ve had recently where you’re not in a hurry, and are just having fun. The actual riding technique and skill level didn’t seem so important as the fact that they were clearly enjoying themselves, on bikes, in nice places.

    I liked it cos its about getting and that is what it is all about

    I enjoyed it – looking forward to the next bits.

    Now I know why I like the big budget “gnarly” vids showing skilled riders doing big jumps and tail whips. They are entertaining whereas this reminds me of watching a video of myself. Unskilled and awkward riding.

    Fantastic; I reckon some people here need to relax and cheer up, or maybe like to take some initiative and show us what they can do! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I really enjoyed it, especially the cable-cam bit at the end!

    +1 on Metasequoia’s comments.

    Good video, dont know why people are complaining about the quality of the riding. Like they said there just average riders and its not like there bad or anything they seem quite fast/smooth at times.

    I do think you do need to show some one actually riding up a hill though Dave !!!

    Quite enjoyable I thought. Tough crowd here.

    Like the premise, but to me the trail centre stuff is very dull. The interest in seeing “normal” riders out there riding is in the sort of trails ridden and the scenery around them.

    Wow – you guys are harsh! I thought it was a good effort. Part 2 was even better.
    I also think the riding is mostly smooth fast and fun. I bet it’d be a shock to many if you filmed yourselves on the same bits of track.

    Nice example…. of why bike videos are all jumps and drops and high speed descents. I fell asleep. Could have been the yawn inducing music.

    They also said the ‘g’ word. With a brit accent. And it wasn’t before doing a 360 backflip to frontflip table flair thing…


    yes great vid not sure how he would fare in our rather wet and cold climate and trails. I would love to spend my day like him with dust following me down the trails and ripping over dry tree stumps But currently icicles follow me down the trail LOL

    Nice to see this again, think i spoke to you or one of the other lads involved at the ‘premiere’ with VAST at Delamere a few months back. Real riding and must have taken a lot of time and effort to put together. Made me want to ride, job done.

    Great film
    I only visit STW for stuff like this, i gave up the forum because of (some) of the knob heads on there.
    This says it all http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=singletrackworld

    Thanks Mccett. Was a good little night at Delamere. Free cake and over a hundered quid raised made it seem worthwhile.

    I get it.

    I like riding. So do many people.

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