Auf Wiedersehen Gustav

by Sim 4

Possibly our favourite German, Martin at Magura, send this in…

MAGURA’s Gustav M to retire

This brake slowed down John Tomac, Shaun Palmer and the national hero Jürgen Beneke. Until today MAGURA’s supersolid first disc brake has a legendary reputation to be an undestructible brake anchor featuring unmatched solidity and longevity. After 13 years good ol’ Gustav is nevertheless going into retirement now.

The farewell production lot will be on sale from 19 november until 19 december 2010. The interesting aspect is that MAGURA is offering this farewell edition to a super attractive price of just £212 for a complete pair (front and rear).
Frontbrakes are available with 210mm rotor and IS 6″, PM 6″ and PM 8″ fitting, rearbrakes with 190mm rotor and IS 6″ fitting.

Further info about the Gustav M on

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  1. anywhere in the press release mention how i can get hold of a set at £212?

  2. :'(
    rip best brakes ever 🙁

    what are they replacing them with???????

    and how long will i be able to get pads for mine!

  3. “what are they replacing them with??????”
    My guess would be this:

  4. Wow!! Good buy… sorry… Good Bye Gustav!
    Apparently you can get them at your LBS, according to the mail we got at the shop this morning from Magura. May get a set myself at this price.

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