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Wednesday has come round again so it’s time for some tubed video. Chris Akrigg hasn’t done any edits for a bit but he’s not being lazy. He’s gone and taken part in the Cobble Wobble, a timed hillclimb sprint up a cobbled road in Frome and won it against the lycra clad competition. Mountain bikes are better than road bikes and risers are better than drops, fact.

We’re not quite sure how to introduce this ‘cos it’s slightly bonkers. Originally part of the Bicycle Film Festival, it’s Erik Elstran’s Dragon Shredit. BMXing, dragons and some tricks you almost certainly have never seen before.

Skyline Cycles down in South Wales have been making some really well produced videos lately. This one features the Afan Girls, including one of our favourite female racers, Aimee Dix. It’s half riding video, half fashion shoot for Fox clothing. We would say something about the objectification of women in sport but we were too busy staring at the screen.

Just to keep things balanced, here’s a video of a Sexy Bike Wash that’s promoting a Bike from Work Bash in Denver in the US of A. It’s safe for work but you might want some mind bleach afterwards…

Keeping on a vaguely South-West theme is this Renegade Slalom video from Tom Grundy at the Bristol Cycle Festival. It’s local DIY racing at it’s finest. We reckon you could organise an even more low-tech version of this race if you felt like it, it looks like great fun…

Woo! Videos made by you lot! Nick Jones has sent in this video of him descending Sheepstor while on part of the Burrator loop. Dartmoor looks brilliant, lots of techy singletrack and the colours are immense at this time of year too…

This is probably the best video of the week and there’s not a mountainbike in sight. It’s flatland but not as we know it, with a guy in Abene, Senegal doing tricks in time to music on a old skool shopper bike. Really quite hypnotic. Thanks to John Crawford for the link – part two of the video is HERE

Finally we’ve got this video that the people at Orange dug out from their race team archive. Shot by Alex Rankin of Sprung fame, it’s got a load of old faces in there, including the ever stylish Steve Geall, a young Minaar and Missy Giove before the whole bales of ganga incident. It’s on the Bookface thingy so you’ll have to do some clicking to get to it – HERE.

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  1. Is it my PC, I can’t see any vids here only grey boxes….?

  2. should be sorted now Harry.

  3. That should be fixed now…

  4. bloody hell CK that looked fastas!

  5. As long as there are beautiful girls getting wet and muddy on mountainbikes, the world will be alright 🙂

  6. from the home of the might Patrick Viera!!

    That is the best one isn’t it although the Afan Girls have a charm all their own.

  7. Mountain bikes ridden awesomely by pretty women – I feel happy.

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