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The end of the week has swung around once more, so that means it’s time for us to take a look at what’s landed in the office for the Singletrack crew to test. As is rapidly becoming a Fresh Goods tradition, we’ll start off with a picture of Matt looking fabulous, this week in an Alpkit jersey that he’ll be using in the upcoming Trans Provence race.

Chipps got himself a set of Oakley Frogksin sunglasses while at Eurobike. Made from the original 80’s tooling, they’re retro tastic with a violet iridium lense.

Price: £90.00

From: Oakley

Absolutely not retro are these Fox 36 TALAS FIT RC2 forks which are headed for Matt’s long term test Lapierre Spicy. Matt has wanted more adjustment so he’s replaced the open bath 36 forks the bike came with with this set of tapered steerer, two position travel adjustable versions with the latest inverted FIT damping cartridge, shiny and tough Kashima coating and rebound, lockout and low speed compression adjustment.

Price: £929

From: Mojo Suspension

More trail shoes! In  a change of direction for sticky soled flat pedal shoe makers 5.10, they’ve gone and made these 5.10 Minaar shoes which use a less sticky than usual rubber on the sole and, shock horror, are made for use with SPD pedals. Uppers are synthetic and similar in design to their Freerider shoes but with a velcro strap to keep everything tight. Matt has claimed these and will be using them in the T-P race, as he assumes he might have quite a bit of pushing to do..

Price: £94.99

From: Big Stone

Here are some trail-unfriendly shoes. They’re not SPD compatible, they aren’t made from sticky rubber but they are extremely shiny, for these are Benji’s Wedding Shoes. He’s getting married to the lovely Charlotte this weekend and we wish him and his future wife all the best. You can check out how his stag do in Finale Ligure went down in Issue 60 of the magazine…

Back to business, we have this Altura Attack X Jacket in a rather fetching burnt orange colour. Made from waterproof and breathable React Extreme fabric, there are plenty of waterproof zips and vents, including a magnetic closure on the front. It’s designed to quickly wick sweat away from your skin while keeping the weather out and we think we’re going to have plenty of opportunity to test how well that works soon…

Price: £179.99

From: Zyro

There’s not much point having a dry top if your bottom is all damp, so here’s a matching set of Altura Attack X trousers. Made from the same breathable and waterproof React fabric, you get shaped and articulated knees, plenty of vents and a wicking rear waist panel. You can adjust the ankles using velcro tabs for a full Prussian infantry look too…

Price: £99.99

From: Zyro

More shoes! These are Specialized Primo shoes and they’re designed as a commuter shoe with a comfortable Body Geometry footbed and stiff but walkable SPD sole. The upper is made of suede and there’s a tidy Lace Lock that keeps you laces out of the chain. Benji will be seeing how these manage offroad in the upcoming test of shoes in Issue 61…

Price: £49.99

From: Specialized

We’ve also got these hike-a-bike ready Specialized Tahoe MTB Shoes that have a tyre-like tread on the bottom and Trail Traction sole that’s designed to be flexible at the front for walking but stiff enough to use with SPDs. Again, the upper is suede leather but this time there are mesh vents to keep you cool.

Price: £64.99

From: Specialized

MORE! These are Bontrager SSR Multisport shoes, again designed to be walked as well as ridden in. There’s a nylon SPD plate, rufty tufty lugged rubber sole and InForm sole to gently cosset your feet.

Price: TBC

From: Trek

Mark has got some delicious and healthy seed packed 9Bar Energy Bars. They’re mostly made from sunflower seeds, although there are also pumpkin, poppy, sesame and hemp seeds, which might explain the name. They’re free of pretty much anything that might make you sad (wheat, gluten, lactose, dairy, etc) too. We’ve got five flavours here and Mark will be on-nom-ing them down himself as soon as hunger strikes.

Price: £3.50 for 5 sampler bars

From: 9Bar

Finally and most exciting of all we’ve got a shiny new Yeti ASR 5 frame – well, we haven’t got it, resident Yeti fanboi Tom de Bruin has bought it for himself as a getting fixed (from the broken hip) present. It’s ticked all his dirt riding boxes with a tapered headtube, 12x142mm Syntace bolt through carbon fibre rear end and five inches of travel via the Fox rear shock. Tom is a very happy boy and is looking forward to building it up…

Price: £1,699

From: Evolution Imports

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  1. The problem I ‘m going to have with those 9Bars is that everything they’ve taken out makes me happy. I’ll know more on Sunday after my 112km Audax for which I’ve done zero preparation. I’m relying on these to power me through the day… Although bacon butties may also provide some support 🙂

  2. Those 9bars are nice in a strange sort of a way – a bit like eating really nice tasting gravel that doesn’t break your teeth.

    There’s definitely an eat then drink tactic needed with them !

  3. I remember those frogskins had a pair but they got nicked, along with my 16V Mk2 GTI 🙁

  4. sneak preview of the new Singletrack jersey in those Yeti pics?

  5. Ive got those Specialized Tahoes, very comfy but are falling apart already (about 3 months use) bit disappointed as previous specialized shoes have lasted ages.

  6. Yeti have really beefed up the rear triangle despite denying the cracking issue wasn’t a design fault…..

  7. Mmmm, shiny Benji. I’d wear ’em round the office for the next few days to break them in – you’ll be standing (maybe even dancing, though tbh I can’t picture it!) in those bad boys for 10-12 hours.

    Have a fantastic day – best thing I ever did (that wasn’t bike related lol, etcetera)

  8. Can I have Matt’s old open bath 36 forks for my ” long term test bike”?

    I’ll do a write up and everything!

  9. Christ that new Attack X Jacket is fugly, looks like something from a new romantic pop video cica 1981. That’s deffo NOT going on my wish list this winter!

  10. Not usually a Yeti fan but holy smokes, that this is awesome! Don’t go spoiling it by building it up. Just leave it there lying on the sofa looking pretty…

  11. What happened to Matt’s SC Blur LT long term test bike then?

  12. Those 9 bars are made by an old hippy in Corwen, are pretty tasty and are good for you …whats not to like?…Matts taking the gay icon role a bit seriously these days…what do you reckon?

  13. Well spottted on the jersey front. Those were colour samples that have just been approved. delivery now due in a few weeks 🙂

  14. I knew if I kept my old Rootbeer Frogskins they would come back in vogue one day, best get them out again

    Liking the Altura kit

  15. I see Tin Tin still works for you…

  16. Frogskins – you know what they say about retro fashion. If you wore it the last time you shouldn’t wear it this time. Tread carefully for fear of ridicule.

  17. those forks are seriously expensive.sure the stanchions are not gold.
    like the yeti frame it also matches his sofa.
    are things generally more expensive or am i turning into an old git.

  18. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – what is it with shoe designers?! Both those Spesh shoes look like the trainers the scummy kids got from the indoor market! Gopping!

  19. *Geek mode*

    Spesh Tahoe shoe tread is based on the original Ground Control tyre from way back when…

  20. Is that a new singletrack jersey near the ASR frame?

  21. still got my irridium red Frogskins just in case they came around again 🙂

  22. may be I could offer to model the new singletrack shirt as someone at work stole my favourite cycling shirt – unbelievable, stolen from my hanger , I had cycled into work, so it was nice and sweaty.

    How low and stupid are some people – if the security people can find them they will get dismissed for theft ( apparently last year two people we fired for stealing lights off bikes.)

  23. headtube on the yeti looks awful!

  24. Who’s the bloke with the wig holding the forks?

  25. Dunno who he is but his t-shirt is Saracen.

  26. That’s the office sofa, and the wigman is Dave.

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