Eurobike Video: Bikes are electric

by singletrackjon 8

More special video from Matt at Eurobike for our Premier Users. Everyone says that the future of bikes is in electric power but so far the results have been a bit lacking. In 2011 things might change..

First we get shown around an electric powered 170mm travel enduro bike from Ghost that has a battery in the downtube powering motor around the cranks that gives three levels of pedalling assistance (read cheating). In the first mode you get a bit of help for those long uphill stretches – Ghost claim will make riding this chunky bike uphill feel like you’re on a racy 80mm hardtail – but the really fun (read dangerous) bit is level three, where you’ll be able to wind the 26kg bike up to 25kph on the flat. Perfect for making the duller bits of linking trail that much more fun. The suspension layout is a four bar linkage with an idler just to make it even more niche..

After that there’s even more electric madness from Cannondale, with an urban bike with single sided rear end and a Lefty Headshok (Ledshok? Hefty?), a leather covered Ave and the fabulously bonkers 1,300W Grace that is welded by Nicolai, stuffed with fast charging batteries and will top 65kph. It’s got working brake lights and a horn – you’ll need a motorbike license for it…

[premiervideo src=”extras/media/2010/09/EurobikeDemoday2.m4v”]

So, the future is electric. No need to worry about that belly, batteries are here to save you…

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  1. That grace thing looks AWESOME… want!

  2. Electric mountain bikes?! What?!

    Looks like an excercise in who can design the most goppingly ugly bike.

  3. curses :shakes fist:
    with these videos you are tempting us unpremier users

  4. Please don’t cover electric MTB bikes, they really aren’t interesting to any one who likes riding bikes normally!
    There are electric motor bikes and I can live with electric commuter bikes but these really are horrid bikes!

  5. Electric bikes are for disabled people.

  6. electric bikes would not be ligit on Bridelways (if that actually matters I am not sure)…BITD somebody , SACHS? , made a bolt on engine for early 1990s mtb’s MBA reviewed it.

    It’s for sure a very interesting concept (not even a new one either) or prehaps even a pardigm (whatever they are), but really I’d be quite suprised if the folk in the follow up to say Season were all sessioning uphill sections on leccy bikes…
    Personally, I think gravity is our friend, not a foe to be battled against. Am with repartiot on this one.

  7. I agree wholeheartedly. What’s the point in having any engine at all? The rider is the engine, that’s the reason why the bicycle is ace. Still, it’s the current future-fad so we like to cover it..

  8. Leather patches on electric bikes! These must be aimed at fat Harley riders.

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