Eurobike: Shimano, Fixie Inc and the Cannibal

by Chipps 12

We’ve still got so much stuff to get through that we’re going to just group things randomly, depending on where they fall in the notepad, which is why we start with the newly revamped Fixie Inc Pure Blood ‘cross bike (and end with cannibals and lasers…)

Already ahead of the newly introduced UCI rules allowing discs in ‘cross racing, the Pure Blood has had a further makeover to fully integrate discs into its life. Coming in at around £2400 complete, or £1000 for a frame a complete bike as built should work out at 21.5lbs (9.7kg)

A neat alternative to the humble ziptie
Concealed cables everywhere and at least you won't be clipping your heels on the brakes
Shiny headbadge... Though the yellow cables might be a coordinating step too far.
Neato stem with concealed bolt.

OK, that’s enough cyclocross perving (there were plenty to see at the show, so there’ll be more…) and on to more mountain bike-centric stuff. How about down at the Shimano booth?

Pro is Shimano's accessory and component brand and this is the very neat new CO2GO+ pump which is a mini pump and CO2 dispenser in one.
Neatly, the CO2 canister sits inside the blue shaft and, when spent becomes the pump handle.
Pro's range of Atherton signature products is still going well
Pro is slowly coming out with some wider XC risers. They might have got up to 680mm now
Pro's new Tharsis stem. It's named after 'a high volcanic plateau on Mars, which happens to contain the highest mountain in the solar system' don'tcha know? DH strength, light weight and 'I'm not entirely convinced' boxy looks. Oh, and mighty pricy.
Shimano clothing has a new 63g water resistant jacket out that packs to the size of an airline Coke can.
Shimano's MT53. A vented, rugged riding/walking shoe. No Goretex, no Vibram at a cheaper price than something like the MT91
The MO87 - An economic race shoe. Comes in this red and grey and silver too for the shy.
It's not pretty, but Shimano's winter boot has kept many a foot cosy in a cold winter.
Using a new super soft and supple 'Rovenica' synthetic leather, this flashy shoe is Shimano's top-end, heat mouldable M315 race shoe.
OK. Here's a shoe just for Singletrackworld forum member grizzpup. The MT71. It's a trail shoe with a Vibram sole and Goretex liner. And it has frickin' lasers too. 😉
One of Eddy Merckx' 1970s cyclocross bikes. Pretty special if you're into that kind of stuff.
We were briefly ushered upstairs at the Selle Italia booth to see who was lunching up there. And what a lunch! They bring their own Italian caterers...
Eddy Merckx and Contador having a chat about saddles and the prosciutto

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  1. olympus mons is the highest mountain on mars, indeed in the solar system

    tharsis is a region of volcanic uplift, olympus mons sits on the tharsis plataeu

    still its better than calling it a shimano EV-FC-M440-1958B something or other

  2. Thanks for the celestial geekery, I shall amend 🙂

  3. Olympus mons is indeed, geekily correct.

    I guess they didn’t want their stem saddled with ‘mons’. tee, and indeed, hee 🙂

  4. Pro is slowly coming out with some wider XC riders.

    Nooo, XC riders should always be skinny runts.

  5. this flashy shoe is Shimano’s top-end, head mouldable M315 race shoe

    An interesting concept…

  6. “what size is”….. Eddies gut compared to Alberto’s?

    still he’s earned the right i guess

  7. Merckx could probably still spank most people on the bike!

  8. Shimano’s winter boots appear to have an awful lot of holes in them.

    How’s that going to help keep your feet cosy in winter?

  9. does contador only have one shirt?

  10. It’s likely that Contador was only at the show for one day and all the photos you’ve seen of him were taken on that day, with the same shirt.

  11. the same shirt as last years london bike show though!

  12. Merckx’s cx bike makes me smile.

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