Tomac 2011 First Look

by singletrackjon 9

We’ve just been sent some details from Tomac about their 2011 range of bikes. They’ve introduced three entirely new models and the rest of the range has been tweaked. We’ll cover the tweakage first and the first thing is that all the bikes have got some Bold New Graphics with a revised down tube logo across the range.

Johnny T still shredding..

The Flint 29er hardtail is now available in a small size for people that want to play perspective tricks on others and the 140mm all mountain Snyper now has an ISCG05 mount for your favourite chain devices. The Automatic has now got the in vogue tapered 1.125-1.5″ headtube, as has the Carbide SL.

Flint 29er is now available in a small size

The Automatic also gets a revised swingarm that’s now stiffer and the same improvements have been made to the Vanish and Snyper. The Vanish 160mm all mountain bike is now using a Shimano through axle system and all of the complete bikes in the range will be coming with Shimano 30spd drivetrains.

The Snyper gets ISCG05 mount..

Of the exciting new models, the first up is the 120mm rear travel Supermatic. It’s got a hi-mod carbon frame with oversize alloy shafts for the main pivot, rocker link and rear shock. The downtube is reinforced to protect against rock strikes and the top, seat and down tubes are box section to improve resistance to lateral bending, with specific carbon layups for each size. Up front there’s a tapered internal headset and rather interestingly the headangle varies with size; 69º for the small going up to 69.5° for the medium and large and 70° for the extra large.

The Tomac Supermatic, 120mm of carbon bounce..

Suspension is a linkage driven single pivot with a custom tuned Fox RP23 and frame and shock weight is claimed at 5lbs/2,300g. We’re looking forward to having a ride on one, 120mm bikes are very in vogue at the moment – and with good reason, they offer an excellent balance of weight and bounce. Two full builds are available, with XT spec for the Supermatic 2 and XTR for the Supermatic 1. No UK prices at the moment, we’ll let you know when we do.

All new Diplomat is a hard riding 120mm travel 29er..

The next new Tomac is the Diplomat 29, again having 120mm of travel but, as the name suggest, 29-inch wheels. It’s been designed for burly riding with short chainstays, big clearance for p to 2.5″ tyres and a tapered headtube to keep it stiff. As the name suggests, it’s been made to try and win over die hard 26″ wheel riders. Living legend Johnny T is quoted as saying: “I have more fun riding the Diplomat than any of our other bikes. With the short chainstay, the front end picks up easily and the wheels want to roll over almost anything”.

Anyway, the Diplomat is built from 6069 aluminium, it comes in at 6.8lbs/3,100g with RP23 shock and for the angle freaks out there it’s rocking a 71 degree head angle, 73 seat angle, 13.1 BB height and 17.5 inch chainstays.

Sliver alloy hardtail

Finally, the last all new bike is a replacement for the Cortez – which derives it’s heritage in turn from the original Manitou hardtail – and it’s called the Sliver. It’s a lightweight aluminum hardtail designed to work with an 80 or 100mm travel fork, using AN-6 aluminum tubes. It features direct mount disc brake tabs with curvy S-shaped chain and seat stays to give a bit of comforting vertical flex without being laterally noodly. Price is said to be ‘easy on the pocketbook’ and despite us not having final UK prices we take that to mean it won’t set fire to your wallet. Frame weight is a claimed 3lbs/1,360g and you have a choice of small 15.7″, medium 17″, large 19″ or extra large 21″ frame sizes.

More Tomac action..

Comments (9)

  1. Why are Tomac bikes just not exciting anymore? I used to have a 204 Lawill Magnum, a bike that turned heads. These new ones just look boring…

  2. “The Snyper gets ISCG05 mount..”

    Where? ;o)

  3. “rather interestingly the headangle varies with size; 69º for the small going up to 69.5° for the medium and large and 70° for the extra large”
    So the more highly perched taller riders get steeper head angles?

  4. It’s a common thing in road bikes, to have steeper angles up the sizes.

    And having a seatpack in the press release is another reason why 29ers are wrong.

  5. seatpacks: just say NO!

  6. not a fan of seatpacks myself.. however is it any worse than riding round with an enormous rucksack on your back, like a lot of people on here seem to enjoy?

  7. Can anyone suggest why smaller riders want/need slacker angles? I’m a shortarse and like my head tube steep.

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