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It’s time to waste a Wednesday lunch break with some biking videos. Here’s the final video from the Gore Transwales 2010 event. It looks remarkably green and sunny. It’s making resident Welsh boy Jon a bit miserable he didn’t manage to get out much in his own country this summer. Something about too many press launches. Aww, diddums.

The old Rocky Mountain Slayer, according to everyone that rode it in the office, was the world’s fastest bike on anything that was slightly downhill. On anything even remotely uphill or flat it instantly tripled in weight, possibly due to it’s gravity being all wrong. Anyway, there’s a new one out and freeride pioneer Wade Simmons and Andreas Hestler are testing it out here. It’s sick to the power of rad.

The beautifully shot Story of XTR continues with a seldom seen look inside the factory at Osaka, Japan…

Here’s a bit of video from the Knutsford Great Race took place last weekend and attracted competitors from all over the world to come and compete in a 3 hour race around the rather posh Cheshire town on original dandy horses, penny farthings, 29ers and boneshakers. It looks excellent fun. It was all in support of charity Shelter Box but this is Cheshire, so sponsors included Bentley, Booths and Bonhams. Bit classier than your usual XC race sponsors eh?

Shoe manufacturer Teva have made a series of how-to survival videos with a man that they call ‘The Naturist’. In this one he shows you how to make a place to sleep for the night out of natural materials in under an hour. It’s amazing. He makes Ray Mears look like a tubby slacker and that one that was in the SAS and bites the heads off snakes look like a Boy Scout – and a sissy one at that.

In our final vid we’ve got to give nod to that little Eurobike thing that just happened – so here’s a time lapse film of how Charge Bikes built their rather cool stand…

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    Well I wish I’d known about the Knutsford Great Race. Would love to have gone to watch that. Fantastic!

    Shimano vid – be nice if bike to work was quite so popular / well catered for over here……

    “Aww, diddums” – blimey – I haven’t heard that since I left home as a teenager (20 years ago)! tbh I thought it was just my dad that made it up.

    Where’s the Rocky Mountain stuff filmed? Anyone know? Want to ride there.

    “In the sunshine of your luuuuuuuuuuuuve!” – awesome.

    Charge bikes = cool

    Rocky Mountain vid location – my guess is Squamish, between Vancouver and Whistler – not many places with all that granite and the coast so close.

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