Eurobike: POC, Giant, Renthal and more

by Chipps 16

Genuine Innovations had a tiny CO2 adaptor for you racers. Of more interest is how they got the smart black finish onto those steel cylinders.
Without fail, Chipps takes a photo of this bike every year. 'There's something very nice about a lugged Italian road bike, that's all.'
This represents more of the state-of-the-art in road bikes (if not frame finish fashion). Which would you rather have? Both? Us too.
Finally! An off-road machine - even if it is a 'cross bike. This is the new model Colnago carbon 'cross bike, as raced by Sven Nys. But really, if you buy one of these, shouldn't you be buying a second, identical one too? You know, for your mechanic to hold at the races?

Giant is another enthusiatic adopter of the ubiquitous flared head tube on trail bikes.

Giant's Reign - with splash of '80s colour
There'll be no mistaking the travel your bike has now. They all have them marked on the rocker/seat tube.
New tyre from the Halo rims/tyres folks. A UK inspired High-Roller perhaps?
Here's the new Itentiti AKA frame. It's a lighter Mr Hyde, with 7005-T6 aluminium, flared head tube and sliding dropouts. Frame will be £375 and complete bikes around £1500. (Comes in blue, orange and black)
There are new Halo wheelsets too - in XC, Trail and Dirt flavours.
The Identiti Persona fixie frame. Simple and neat.
In a 'why didn't we think of that before' move, Renthal is making grips in three different densities.
Now, what did you say about not finding the right chainring? Try these from Renthal.
Renthal bars - big and wide. 750mm, 350g though...
There are some odd shapes going on there, but also some good ones. More from Renthal.
The '90s are back and they're out to spoil your bike.
Over at Mavic, there are some new things (more of them later) on the mountain bike side, but how about a) the flat-black finish of the new R-Sys wheels and b) the concept of getting both your wheel AND your tyres from Mavic because they're designed to work well together. Interesting. Hope tyres anyone?
Very hip eyewear from fashionista-darlings POC
We reckon that our Matt didn't see this bit of the stand, or there might not be any large 'darkers' left on the shelf...
For a full rundown on the POC range, see next week's Interbike coverage.
It's a Canfield Brothers 2011 prototype. That's all we had time to discover.
More POC - this time helmets of the all-mountain flavour.

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  1. 24/7 did different density grips, the super soft ones felt great without gloves, but didn’t last long!

    Those Giants look hideous, they really need to hire a new graphics designer.

  2. The white Giant looks alright but the others ming hard. And I usually like Giants.

    The POC stuff looks sooooo cool, like costumes from a ’70s sci-fi movie.

  3. Chipps, you’re not wrong about that colnago!

  4. I see crying faces on that Poc helmet, one on each side, one on the back. It’s freaking me out now.

  5. The renthal grips are pretty darn good!!…..soft ones only last a week, but the medium compounds are soooo comfy

  6. “I see crying faces on that Poc helmet, one on each side, one on the back. It’s freaking me out now.”

    – Did you take a lot of acid back in the hippy days?

  7. nah – not crying faces, more like the evil cubes from terrahawks

  8. Hope tyres? That’ll be machined from billet aluminium then?

  9. I like the look of the Reign a lot, I just don’t like the bold, blocky GIANT logo.

  10. renthal have made a range of grip densities for a long time now. I like the sound of the kevlar version but surely they could add a bit of colour

  11. the poc helmet looks ace, price tag of £140 less so.

  12. it is an Edward Munch helmet!

  13. I think the Poc stuff looks great too. But I think I’ve probably got used to much better venting. (and they look like they should be £60 or so).

  14. I’ve sometimes thought that some bikes could do with a bar the shape of that on a trials motorcycle – now we have it.

  15. The looks for me come well second, how do the giants ride is the question?

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