Eurobike: Intense, Maxxis, Charge bikes and more

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The Charge Bike stand at Eurobike is always the subject of great speculation. What will it do this year? In the past Charge has had a launderette and a pub (complete with beer) and for 2010 unveiled a fairground carousel with all of its bikes on display.

All lightbulbs were installed by Nick Larsen himself.

Anodised posts in every colour

Charge's popular Spoon saddles in 'New Nubuck' and others with a real 'gum' base

Charge Skinny Duster - as reviewed in the new issue of Singletrack Magazine.

One of our favourite bikes from the show. Townie elegance.

...and a killer red sparkle job.

Skinny Duster with (what will be) 11sp Alfine

Charge's new Cleaver. A burlier 120mm fork hardtail

Charge complete 'cross bike for £800

Moving off round the show, this brand ‘Faggin’ caught our eye. Every brown bit of this town bike is leather…

A fixie for fetishists?

Impractical, but ace nonetheless

White Industries was once again show its wide range of single (and double) freewheels and some 'cassette' fixed sprockets.

Here is British firm Whyte, showing off some of its newly revamped frames. Suspension bikes gain a flared headtube and there’s a lot more carbon going around… Matt has just been to the full 2011 presentation and will be back after the weekend to let us know the full deal. In the meantime, enjoy these highlights.

Here's the Whyte 146. Full carbon wit htapered head tube, 146mm of rear travel and weighs in at only 25.5lbs

Whyte's aluminium trail bike. New flared head tube and a 12 x 142mm Maxle rear (with swappable dropouts for future-proofing)

The Whyte 901 alloy hardtail. Shares the geometry of the Whyte 19 (which we review in the new issue of Singletrack Magazine...)

As seen on a previous story, MRP's new prototype single ring guide with seat tube mount.

It's subtle, but we loved the look of some of the new GT bikes. Very stealthy and good looking bikes throughout the whole range.

Good to see the venerable Zaskar living on.

Not quite our bag, but how about this incredible looking GT BMX?

Now THAT'S how you do a flashy headbadge!

Kenda was showing four new tyres in its Signature range – with the input of endorsees Lopes, Carter, Rey and Tomac.

New Kenda 'Tomac' Slant Six (in 2.5in, 2.35, 2.1, 1.95 and 29x2.2 and 2.0in Phew!

The Eric Carter inspired 'Happy Medium' for fast dual slalom style stuff. 2.35in, 2.1 and 1.95.

It's got 'H' blocks so must be the Hans Rey inspired H-Factor all mountain tyre (2.5in, 2.35 and 2.1)

Brian Lopes has this BB6 tyre in 2.35in, 2.1 and 1.9in.

Intense Cycles was showing some revamped models and of course the brand new, as used by the CRC DH team, M9 frame.

Even if you're not into downhill, you can't help be impressed with the look of the new M9. It comes with the new Cane Creek Angleset which will allow the user to adjust the head angle of the bike by swapping headset cups around.

Most Intense models have been revamped with things like the new direct mount front mech mount.

There are grease ports in the main bearings now, and the G2, 2-position dropout appears on many bikes. This helps adjust the BB height and head angle to different terrain.

Intense's 951 frame. There's a running move away from the seam-welded downtubes of old back to a real tube for strength.

The Intense Slopestyle. As frequently ridden fast by Nigel Page

Gold Tazer FS bike.

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