US Bike Hire Schemes ‘are a sinister UN plot’

by Chipps 15

Our friends over at bike trade magazine Bike Europe have just reported that a US politician is viewing the popularity and proliferation of Paris-style bike hire schemes as a sneaky way for Europe to rein in American cities with its underhand policies to, er, get people riding bikes.

Maes said about the Denver bike hire scheme: “At first, I thought, ‘Gosh, … what’s wrong with people parking their cars and riding their bikes?’ But if you do your homework and research, you realize ICLEI is part of a greater strategy to rein in American cities under a United Nations treaty. This is bigger than it looks like on the surface, and it could threaten our personal freedoms.”

ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI), of which Denver and 15 other Colorado cities, as well as over 1,200 cities across the US and the world — is a member) is an international organization that works closely with the United Nations and which seeks to promote sustainable development among local councils worldwide and which has 1,200 member communities around the globe, half of them in the United States. ICLEI is headed by Konrad Otto-Zimmermann who also initiated the Global Alliance for Eco-Mobility; the association that seeks membership of bike companies in order to promote the use of bicycles further in cities.

Ahh, bless ’em…

The full story can be found here:

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  1. americans never cease to shock me, an incredible race of people

  2. Damn, they’re on to us!

    Leg it quick!

  3. Everyone knows that cars and guns equals freedom 🙂

  4. What tin foil hat for paranoid idiots?

  5. yep rein in their personal freedom …to have a 42″ gut!…

  6. I’m constantly told that these mad tinfoil-hat wearing Americans are not the norm, as there lovely like eveyone else.. Hmmm

  7. I’m so relieved that our politicians never say anything stupid…

  8. Denver is the city to get high in.

    (that could be mile high…)

  9. Nothing like a bit of sweeping generalisation by the Brits, is there.

  10. Yeah everyone in the UK is rational and have a deep love of us cyclists. Just ask James Martin, Nigel Havers etc. Very balanced view of life.

    Nazism or cycle domination, they are all viable systems for running a planet and us Europeans know what’s best.

  11. lol
    Why the most powerful nation in the world regularly thinks they are being controlled by foreign conspiracy theories is something I can never quite grasp

  12. Wow, Godwin’s law in 10 posts. A STW record?

  13. Jeez, I only came out of my bomb shelter last week! Does this mean I have to go back in?! What are those Reds doing now? Bike scheme you say? Well Hell in a handbasket!


  15. Anyone seen idiocracy?

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