Brownbacks XC Race Series This Weekend

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Here’s something you might find interesting if you’re at a loss for what to do this weekend – here’s some news straight from the organisers…

Race 4 is here! Race 4 on the Sunday 22nd August at Lee Quarry, Rossendale, will see more changes as we push the course design to try and create the best course possible for racing. The recent rain will not trouble the all-weather course and the forecast for the weekend is for good racing weather yet again. The racing so far has been tight with no rider dominating the top step of the podium yet, leaving the series competition with the great prizes from Hope wide open. Remember 4 out of five count and if you are injured you can get average points by marshalling. The prize sponsorship means we have one of the best prize lists around (thanks sponsors) with plenty of “spot” prizes for those who “entertain” the team.

The women’s categories sponsored by Bardon Aggregates and Astounding Adventures are taking off with a quality entry in race 3 and some excellent riding, with prize parity with the men this has to be the race series to enter. In the trade competition Big Bear Bikes are using sheer weight of numbers to win with Leisure Lakes having a smaller but high quality entry pushing them hard with Wheelbase strengthening their entry to try and retain the trophy. This “just for fun” competition for bike shops/ trade is hotting up and is lining up for a tight conclusion.

The racing is not just for the fit and the able our Astounding Adventures “Have-a-Go” categories are aimed at people who just want to have-a-go. The course has a lot less hills and does not involve any of the big bermy sections. With great prizes including a training course courtesy of the sponsor this is a great way to get into racing. The race is shorter with the later start and it is open for all. We also have a race on the same course for those with their 15th or 16th birthdays this year with great prizes from Polaris Apparel.

You can pre-enter if you are quick and entry on the day is available, registration opens at 08:30 and the racing starts at 10:00. It’s all over by 13:00 including the prize giving.

The rules! Remember there is no outside assistance allowed, this includes passing your mate bottles/gels/food. We have a simple philosophy of self sufficiency and “you start with it you finish with it” so no littering either please.

BC points: There are licence points for our Racers and Racing Diva’s in “Sport” or one of the age related categories. You do not need BC membership or a licence to race, if you do have one, make sure you bring your licence on the day.

Buff Marshals: as usual we need plenty of people on the day to make sure everything runs safely if you want to be part of the action let us know. Course setup starts at 07:15 and marshals are needed from 08:45, riders can get a free race by helping with course setup. You get really well looked after and our eternal gratitude (and a free Buff, food and drink, £50 cash draw and other goodies). Contact to let us know you are coming.

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  1. I’m entered an really looking forward to this! Been nearly a year since I did one, and just finished the shiny XC bike, so this will be it’s maiden voyage 🙂

    good work from the organisers – keep it going!

  2. if I had a pound for every flat I saw at todays race I’d have, oooo, about £18, including 1 of my own. Reverse slab section is a tyre killer!!

  3. I managed to avoid getting a puncture, but I found it really hard going today, felt slow, was slow, had an off on the second lap, and was very close to cramp on the last two laps. 🙁

    I’ll still be back next month for some more!

  4. the reverse slab is great because it slows down the racers with the lightweight tyres as they desperately try and avoid a puncture, we really want to make it a test of bike and rider and I think this section really makes the fast guys “think” about their bike

    however the real selection was at the the little gully at the end of “lost” (a personal favourite “find”)

    even the winner went over the bars there, however despite everyone’s best efforts the MRT didn’t get any customers.

    Last race in the series on the 26th Sept and we’ll be working hard to make it a special course, be there!

  5. The gully was ace (and left me thinking how the weak point of Lee Quarry is really that there are so many good trails you don’t tend to find any technical stuff of your own). I loved the slabs (even on fully rigid bike) and yes – they tested people out. Was def a climber’s course, with almost all the downhill being not technical enough to create gaps (but hellish fun!). Well done Brownbacks team.

  6. “with almost all the downhill being not technical enough to create gaps”

    we’ll be working on that!

  7. i managed to film a few people riding the gully; sadly, no OTB action though. i may upload it to youtube in a while so watch out to see whether we caught you bottling out of riding it!

  8. What’s happened to the results and photos? Nowt happening ont he Brownbacks site, Brownbacks blog, STW site, STW blogs… did I imagine it all?

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