On Skye with Hans, Peaty and Danny. Updated with photos!

by Chipps 13

Euan from www.mtbholidayscotland.com has just been on, raving about hosting Mr Rey, Mr Peat and Mr Macaskill on the Isle of Skye… where young Danny hails from, dontcha know?

“What a week! We’ve just spent five days riding the west coast of Scotland with downhill mountain bike world champion Steve Peat and trials stars Hans Rey and Danny MacAskill, and in that time we managed to pack in trials in Eilean Donan Castle, heli-biking in Torridon and whisky tasting on Skye. Hans and Steve had the idea of coming to Scotland to ride the best trails and we were only too happy to show them – and Danny – around! The whole trip was filmed by Mark from Reset Films and Rob Summers working for Proactive TV, and photographed by Andy McCandlish.”

“We started off at Eilean Donan Castle on a blindingly sunny evening, where Danny and Hans did 360’s, dropped off the castle walls and other crazy bike tricks.
The next day we headed out to Skye to ride and film up in the monolithic, volcanic rock columns of the Quiraing. The trail was superb, but the weather was pretty miserable and the only thing that cast any light in the mist was Peaty’s fireworks that he’d carried in his bag for the entire day. Who needs tyre levers, when you have pyrotechnics?! We finished off the day with a tour and tasting session at the Talisker Distillery. That went down well – literally.

Thursday, and another epic day on Skye. We started off with a quick stop-off at Danny’s house to see his mum and dad and to be introduced to The Giant MacAskill – an ancestor of Danny’s whose massive stature has earned him an entire museum to himself in Dunvegan. We then drove out to Glen Sligachan to ride the picky, technical trail through the glen. There were a few punctures along the way (no one looked to Peaty for tools), but everyone was grinning and talking about the trails as we headed off to our accommodation for the night, a fishing bothy out in the middle of nowhere on the edge of a loch.

Looks like an Andy McCandlish shot there...

After a late night in front of the fire with a few drams, we were ready for the main event: the heli-biking. Watching the helicopter coming over the horizon at 08.15 in the morning, then landing right in front of us was almost unreal! Then we had to go about the process of taking the doors off and working out the best way to get all the bikes, riders and cameramen up the hill in the most efficient way. Once we’d sorted out the logistics we were ready for the first run, and the weather wasn’t too bad! Hans’ headcam flew off on the first run and Steve stopped to pick it up, thinking that Hans and Danny would wait for him. But they were being told by the camera crew to keep going, so we only got two riders on the way down on the first run.

After bacon rolls and some discussion about the trail and the filming we headed up for the second run, and this time got some amazing shots of all three riders coming down the trail and that was a wrap. Time to get back to the bothy and chill out for the first time all week.

On our final day we rode other trails in Torridon and cherry-picked the best sections of each to suit everyone and to get the best shots. The final leg was back down to Aviemore where Danny and Hans put on an impromptu trials demo in the town centre for some very surprised and delighted tourists. We spent the last night having a few drinks and catching up with mates in the Old Bridge Inn in Aviemore – the perfect end to an epic mountain bike trip on the west coast of Scotland.

The video can be found below:

HandI Adventures – Hans Rey, Steve Peat, Danny MacAskill from ResetFilms.co.uk on Vimeo.

You can follow in Steve, Hans and Danny’s tracks on mtbholidayscotland’s Torridon and Skye holiday.

Update! There’s a 62 picture strong slideshow to be found here: http://www.mtbholidayscotland.com/news.html

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  1. wow – and i live up here…………..
    fundamentaly why mountain biking simply rocks 🙂
    brilliant – thanks for sharing with us stw………….

  2. Wow!
    I loved Danny’s shocked expression. He can’t believe that a guy from Skye is living it up with the heroes of his sport!

  3. looks just amazing, nice to here a new version of that old gomez track too.

  4. hear hear hear, dont bee nasti

  5. Helibiking has no place in Scotland. Ride it or push…

  6. Great film, Hans Peaty-MacAskill, is that one person? Who are the others in the film?

  7. Want to see it on the big screen?

    Keep an eye out on Singletrackworld for an imminent announcement of the Gala Premiere in Glasgow. I would suggest you keep Tuesday September the 7th free!



  8. will that be at the GFT Sanny ?

  9. Alcopop

    It sure is! I guess the GFT has kind of become the spiritual home for bike films in the UK. The fact that it’s my local cinema probably plays a factor in it too! Ha! Ha! Seriously though, the cinema have been incredibly supportive of bike films over the years and it’s always good to play to a sell out audience.

    It’ll be a Home and Find double bill.

    Later in the year, it’ll host the UK premiere of Lifecycles.



  10. been up there in torriden , brings it all back , fantastic run

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