Midweek Mini Movies

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Rough Riderz Club

Benji’s just returned from a trip up to Ae  where he met with a group of disabled riders for a feature in Issue 60. Here’s a quick bit of video to demonstrate what they got up to..

Hit The North

Simon ‘Mr Sparkle’ Fox sent in this video made by his son from the recent Hit The North 6 hour race in Manchester. Somewhat upsettingly the organisers say there won’t be any more Hit The North races. Boo. Mountain bikers running is intrinsically funny though.

Chatel Mountain Style 2010

With Matt having returned from the 2011 Trek launch in Chatel and Ed just getting back from his recent Great Rock trip out there, we all got talking about the scarily huge Mountain Style course. It’s dribblingly bonkers, in fact pant-wettingly mental, like a normal Slopestyle course on all sorts of bad drugs. Here’s some video to prove the point. If the first drop doesn’t make your eyes bulge out of your head in pure shock then there’s something wrong with you..

Kovarik Korners

Talking of Ed’s holiday, here’s a quick video of Chris Kovarik  from the CRC Intense team showing some different cornering techniques. My favourite is the full on racer BRAAAAAAAP style.

Fort William Endurance DH

As mentioned earlier, Benji and Matt went to Fort William to ride the downhill course for six hours solid. They’ve been too busy celebrating winning their category to get their video footage edited together just yet (keep an eye out for it later this week). But here’s a couple of clips from Dave at Orange Bikes. First up it’s bike preparation…

..then it’s bike thrashing time…

..six hours of that on a trail bike is pretty heavy duty. Benji’s massively pumped forearms are now the same size as his calves.

That’s all for this week folks. If you’ve made or seen anything good then send it to jon@singletrackworld.com and we’ll put it up here next week..

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