Hiraethog 50:50 Cancelled

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We’ve just had news in that the Hiraethog 50:50 enduro event that was due to be held in North Wales has been cancelled by the organisers. Their statement follows:

“Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances the Hiraethog 50/50 event has had to be cancelled this year.

The organising group did not take this decision lightly and are very disappointed that the event is not taking place.

Thank you to all those who expressed interest and support for the event.”

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  1. GRRR. First Bearded Man and now this. WTF am I going to do with myself for the next 2 months now?

  2. Ft Bill DH Enduro? 🙂

  3. To many events not enough people to go round to make them work.

  4. The cancellation of the BM 3 day has made me enter TW again….

  5. The 2-3 day format seems ideal to me; I can slope off on a long weekend using minimal hols time, or none if I can get away with it. I had heard that TW was struggling to make up the numbers too…

  6. a; we are not all fit enough
    b; we are not all minted enough
    c; getting enough volunteers to run anything these days is becoming a problem(again cost?)
    I personnaly don`t fancy forking out £XXX anymore to stand around watching others “enjoy” themselves. Have done for many a year but now is “my” time.

  7. Hi Dave, I’m probably better at the two/three day events myself, the TW’s is a little bit scary and I don’t know whether I’m up to it. I’ll let people know in a few weeks.
    Sorry Trekster, what was your question?

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