Video: Fort William Qualifying

by singletrackjon 0

Yes, it’s a bit late but here’s an enjoyable edit from the guys at MTBCut of the qualifying runs from the UCI Downhill World Cup. Will that lovely weather hold for the race runs though?

If you haven’t been following us on Twitter then you should, but here’s a quick recap of the qualifying positions and times they put in.

1. Greg Minaar 4:39.45
2. Sam Blemkinsop 4:40.06
3. Cameron Cole 4:41.01

Fastest Brit is Gee Atherton, placed 6th with a 4:43.87 and the fastest non-factory rider is Ben Cathro in 18th with a 4:48.75.

As it happens, we were at the Orange stand when Ben returned from his run and not only did he set the fastest first split, he crashed further down and still managed a good qualifying position. One to watch…

Ladies qualifying is as follows;

1. Rachel Atherton
2. Sabrina Jonnier
3. Floriane Pugin
4. Tracey Moseley
5. Emmeline Ragot

That’s two Brits in the top 5, not bad at all. Don’t forget, if you Twitter us your predictions for the top three riders in the Mens or Womens final and get the order correct then we’ll give you a free subscription..