Singletrack Issue 58

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Issue 58 is out in the shops now!

Issue 58 Subscriber's cover
Here's the clean cover for subscribers. Emily Batty swooping on a big wheeled bike. Pic by John Gibson.

You lovely subscribers should have received your copies by now, but here’s a quick look at the contents so the rest of you can see what you’re missing.

Issue 58 Contents
Mossy Tree, Laguna Seca, California. Pic by Chipps

And here’s the Contents listing in full…

9. Editorial.
How well do you know your bike? Better than you think, reckons Chipps.

10. The Long Steep Road Of Trips.
Planning a road trip? Let these guys tell you how it’s done. Kind of…

18. Road To Hell
Riding the coffin or ‘corpse’ trails of the Lakes with Dave Anderson

24. Interview: Steve Peat
His Worlds 2009 win behind how, how is Steve looking to the future?

30. Blame the Dog
Mike ferrentino’s wacky look at the world. This time: hiw many bikes do you need?

35. Bike Test: Tapered head tubes
Three bikes from Ghost, Orange and Saracen with the new tapered head tube ‘standard’.

44. Column: Faye Stewart.
What happens when you can’t afford to ride? Do you ride anyway?

46. Access All Areas.
What’s wrong with riding on footpaths? That’s Dave Anderson’s controversial conversation piece for this issue.

52. Column: Philip Diprose.
Philip charts trail destruction- and rebirth.

54. Through The Grinder.
Ten pages of real world products tested through the ‘dust’ of spring.

66. Head to Head: Cube Stereo vs Rose Janitor.
Two 140mm , carbon, German wunderbikes put up against each other.

70. Competition.
Win £750 worth of kit from Upgrade!

72. Mojo Trail Diaries.
What happens when you pitch incredible riders against everyday trails? Something special. Sim is still in shock.

78. Singletrack Propaganda.
Do you have some Singletrack socks? Why not? We do…

80. Grouptest: XC Race Forks.
Five of the best 100mm forks for XC racing tested and rated.

90. Dalby World Cup Gallery.
A speciual event came to North Yorkshire this spring and we were there to photograph it: The UCI Cross Country World Cup.

96. Ends of the Earth
Real adventure riding in Siberia. It’ll put your next ‘epic’ ride in perspective.

104. Singletrack Premier.
There are many benefits to becoming a Singletrack Premier Member.

110. Fitness Answers with Matt Hart.
Real world reader fitness queries answered by our resident fit-guy, Matt Hart of Torq.

116. Route Guide: Ben Lomond.
You know those lovely mountains that you ignore on your way to Fort William? Now you can stop off and ride them.

127. Bert.
A page dedicated to a special mountain biking friend of ours.

Premier users can look forward to experiencing the full-on, all-singing, all-dancing, interactive-tastic digital version of issue 57 RIGHT NOW.


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  1. Pg 127. Something wrong with it , my eyes went a bit misty and my nose ran. Dunno what all that was about.

  2. Overall I really liked this issue. Thanks.

  3. Great cover pic- gorgeous girl and gorgeous landscape! Its a winner….

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