Singletrack Issue 58: Bike Test Teaser

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Issue 58 of our lovely magazine will be on sale in a day or two – a full list of contents will be up later, but here’s a little (slightly tongue in cheek) teaser video for the Issue 58 Bike Test which uses the theme of 1.125-1.5″ Tapered Headtube bikes.

The bikes we chose to test were the Ghost AMR Lector 7700, Saracen Ariel 2 and a prototype Orange Five that uses some features that are likely to be seen on upcoming production models. Travel is all around the trail bike friendly 120-140mm mark but there’s a wide range of price points and riding characteristics contained within those numbers..


[stvideo src=”2010/06/Bike_Test.m4v”]

To see exactly what we thought of the bikes, look out for Issue 58 in the shops or join the future and buy a digital sub here.

Comments (16)

  1. went with the hair style…

  2. Oooh.. look at Singletrack upping the video quality!

  3. A Tripod would be the best thing singletrack could get now!

  4. Holy s**t that trail looked good.

  5. Nice work Sim/Jon. Is the director’s cut in the mag?

  6. Was the guy in orange deliberately trying to taco the back wheel at the end?

  7. Can’t watch it on my iPad 🙁 have to see if I can read it on the Mac

  8. Sorry, last post went slightly wrong!! Drac – I was meant to say “take a look at our website:



  9. my mag not arrived. who do i chase (ask)?

  10. Subscription Enquiries – – 01706 814397

  11. We were a couple of days late to the printers with the current issue. I hope it’ll start plopping (is that a good word for a magazine arriving?) on the mats Monday or Tuesday. Sorry for the delay, folks. I reckon the next issue is a good ‘un.

  12. MIne popped through the letterbox just now 🙂

  13. yay, mine arrived today as well. Thanks.

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