Ortlieb Mudracer LED Seat Pack

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Ortlieb Mudracer LED seat pack

RRP £33


It’s a seat pack that’s waterproof, it holds two tubes, a multitool, a puncture repair kit and some coins, it fits easily to the saddle with the use of two Phillips head screws, there’s a removable inner pocket, it has a quick release mechanism and a Velcro strap for around the seat tube to stop it rattling.

That pretty much covers every seat pack I’ve ever used, so why should you buy this one? Well, as stated above this one is waterproof, made so by the cunning use of a stretchy rubbery plastic (transparent silicone) clear cover that folds down around the zip. For the rubber fetishists out there this does have a certain touchy feely thing going on – its tempting to keep folding the flaps up and down, but then the looks you get from passersby soon put a stop to this.

Another more practical reason to buy this is the inbuilt red LED light, it has standard flashing and full on modes, it’s easy to switch on and off and of course it means you’ll never forget to fit a rear light for those dark night time training rides.

The pack is available in two sizes and is a useful addition to any bike but especially any bike that is just used for everyday rides where you just need to go without thinking, you’ll never get caught short.

Review by Steve Makin

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