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by singletrackjon 11

VHS won out over Betamax, Blu-ray spanked HD DVD but the quickly flashing pictures on internet will beat them all eventually, mark my words. Such things aside, here are some riding videos that will set your mind on the road to righteousness via the bicycle. It’s a bumper crop this week too..

2011 Orange Five Exclusive

Here’s an edit from Stu at MTBCut about the new Orange Five. It’s got a quick rundown of the new features, some ace riding from MacAskill and Barnes – and some bloke from the other other mountain bike magazine in it, but watch it anyway…

Lee Quarry Trails

Tim Royle has shot a new video at Lee Quarry (where the Singletrack Classic Weekender is happening this weekend – ENTER NOW!)  with Ali Clarkson and Stan Shaw from TartyBikes with guest appearances from the guys at Ride On.


Taking in some of Europe’s most beautiful locations, including the Matterhorn and the Ligurian coast, this is Ionate Films follow up to Virtuous. If you get yourself down to Delamere Cafe at 8pm on the 8th of July they’re having a showing there – see the news piece HERE.

Transition Bikes Time Bandits V4

The Transition team head back to home turf in Port Angeles to take a shot at the podium in the third round of the NW Cup.


Out In The Woods

A rather arty quick flick from Somhairle MacDonald from High-8 playing on a bike in the woods above Strathblane on Cuilt Hill, Scotland. For a good idea of what taking way too much acid is like check out his Ben Lomond video as well…

A morning in Stypersons

Alex sent us this video of him messing about in the local woods – despite being only 7 acres it looks rather good fun. Lovely light too..

End of June

More from Cardiff area as Nick Kane returns to MMM, having got serious after his last lo-fi effort and roped in his son to do some extra camera work – it’s got a cable cam and everything this time. Nice to see the dog still gets a quick look in.

It’s been excellent to see you lot getting involved and making your own edits – you don’t need big budgets, helicopters and big name riders jumping off cliffs to get to the heart of what riding bikes is all about, so get on the case. Keep them coming to jon@singletrackworld.com

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  1. And we had the Orange last /this Issue so hardly a world exclusive! ;]

  2. Lovin the Nick kane Cardiff vid. There’s some beautiful trails around there, a lovely one i once found leading (eventually) to the M4, one of the best natural trails of that year. Big up the Cardiff crew, and i hope to see you soon on your lovely trails.

  3. Soimhairle has a good blog to accompany his acid video here:

  4. Thingswelike, that’s a nice little vid in Stypersons.

  5. Thanks Repatriot. Just got back from a night bivvying (well hammocking) to find my video published – yay!

  6. Soimhaile’s vid of ben lomond is great, gets to the heart of the experience – ouch. Clever lad.

  7. Thanks for the comments like. SAFE

  8. Any idea what backing track Nick Kane is using? I like it (and the riding, being a Cardiff local and all!)

  9. that trail running above and along the glacier in the “Vast” video is stunning!

  10. senojevad
    Sons choice he is away I will find out!

  11. senojevad

    Apparently it is by Bonobo

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