Hit the North To Go Ahead

by Ben Haworth 4

The HTN human-spambots cyber-scrawl thusly:

“After a few jittery weeks we’ve reached the breakeven point so the event will definitely go ahead. Thanks to all those who have entered in the last few days to push us over the cut off. We still have plenty of places left so all those who were dithering now have no excuse.”


Almost certainly the biggest, daftest and only grass roots MTB/CX crossover enduro event with a beer tent in North Manchester this July.

Comments (4)

  1. Preview ride this Sunday (27th) if you want to have a go of the course.

  2. Great to see the ‘2nd’ HTN is going ahead and looking forward to a preview ride. However, the timing of your next preview ride is not so great as the once dormant England team awaken from their slumber to take on ???????????? at 15:00 this Sunday ! (Hope its not Germany, extra time, then penalties, then……..).

    Any chance of an evening ride during the week ?

  3. Oh cock.

    We’ll as I only get about 2 hours a week that are mine I’ll be going out on my bike anyway. I’ll drop by the meeting point to see if anyone else is out then it’s off to fast, dry, dust and empty trails.

  4. By popular demand… a mid week preview ride

    Wednesday 30th June, 6:00 pm, Waterdale entrance at the bottom of Clifton Road / Buckley Lane.

    The nearest post code is M25 3HR. Follow Clifton Road about another ¾ of a mile all the way down to the bottom and meet at the gate on the right hand side next to the big wall and Recycling Facility (it was “The Tip” when I were a lad). Not the Waterdale gate 200m before this.

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