Whyte E-120 Demo This Thursday

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If you’re thinking about getting a new Whyte E-120 and have a forgiving boss then there’s a demo on this Thursday afternoon and evening at Holmbury-St-Mary in the Surrey Hills. Anyway, here’s what the organisers ATB Sales and Cycleworks have to say:

Sneak off work early and join us for an afternoon ride or join us later in the evening to test ride one of our exceptional, award winning suspension bikes – The Whyte E-120.

Whyte E-120

We will be doing a small number of guided rides within this stunning area of natural beauty within the heart of the Surrey Hills– an area famous for some of the best mountain biking south of London.

A range of bikes are available in a selection of models and sizes – and we can cater for all standards of riding from beginner to experienced.

For more information or to book please contact

Events@Whytebikes.com or telephone 07917 738870.

*Other Whyte Bikes may be available on request

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