Watch For Horses at Wharncliffe June 12/13

by Chipps 4

We’re happy to pass on the following note from our horse-riding pals about Wharncliffe in June. Be careful out there folks and you might want to avoid the woods this weekend and ride elsewhere for a change.

Once again horse riders will be competing in the Wharncliffe Endurance Ride on 12th and 13th June, this weekend.

On Saturday the riders will be out and about from 1pm till 4pm, the route covers Wharncliffe and Wheata Woods and the Trans Pennine Trail (Wortley to Thurlstone).

On Sunday they will be about from 9am until 4pm and they will be in Wharncliffe and Wheata Woods.

They will be following a set route so you will be able to tell if you are going to meet them.

Please be aware that if you are planning to ride on those days there may be more horses than usual and some riders may be novices, and some may be children.

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  1. This weekend ??? It says 12th & 13th above, that ain’t this weekend.


  2. yeah it aint this weekend you’re correct s4r

  3. Ahh, good point. I’ll change it now…

  4. Nice one – no longer Nuggets now Dudes 🙂

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