Behold, The Road Warrior (Warning: Slightly Mental Press Release)

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Very Off topic for us but very on tarmac for them, It deserves this space for being such a bonkers press release…

Behold, The Road Warrior

Cycling is often a lonely sport.

You’re on your own, riding your bike, fighting the elements. You conquer mile after mile of asphalt, concrete, anything that dare cross your path. You are a modern day Mad Max, a traveler exploring your own limits…a true ROAD WARRIOR.

A warrior requires their armor, and Lazer Sport has created your helmet. In June 2010 Lazer will launch its limited edition Road Warrior helmet collection.

The Road Warrior helmet is derived from the superlight Helium series, but features graphics suited for battle. Italian, Belgian or Russian color schemes, with true warrior graphic detailing, assures that your armor will proudly declare your fighting spirit.

The limited edition Road Warrior collection will be sold in a deluxe box, with a racing cap and transparent Aero Shell.

To promote the limited edition Road Warrior helmet series Lazer will conduct an online campaign planned together with This campaign will feature banners and video, all to promote the Road Warrior collection and Lazer Sport.

The face of the entire campaign will be Italian champion Filippo Pozatto of the Katusha Professional Cycling Team.

Feel like a warrior, ride like a warrior, and now look like a warrior…from Lazer Sport!

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    eeerrr ok. Marketing man has been sniffing glue.

    Wow, roadies going all “grrrrr…….”

    Euro fur schuuuuure!

    I’m going to punch some people on the way home whilst conquering tarmac because I’m worth it.

    “You’re on your own, riding your bike, fighting the elements. ” Ohh dear.. maybe you need mates not a helmet..

    Hasn’t Pozatto just been suspended for dodgy readings on his blood tests? Great front man for the campaign

    Sorry got it wrong it was Franco Pellizotti

    And that’s why we will never stock Lazer. Well done marketing man.

    Someone has stolen the peaks from those helmets?

    I think I’d better stick with Giro, clearly I don’t have a Lazer shaped head

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