Shimano “Dyna-Sys” XT and SLX 10 speed

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The official Press Release and images from Shimano:

Dyna-Sys: Shimano’s next generation 10-speed MTB drivetrain

Shimano presents a completely new drivetrain technology for mountain bikes: Dyna-Sys. This revolutionary technology uses a 10-speed cassette, but that is not the only feature of this new system. Highlight is a completely redesigned drivetrain that creates real added benefits to the rider.


  • It’s not only an extra gear…
  • It’s about closer gear ratios for a smoother shifting performance and improved power transfer
  • It’s about riding optimized gear combinations that improve efficiency and durability
  • It’s all about performance: Dyna-Sys offers a more stable drivetrain for any type of rider!

Shimano introduces a wide range of 3 X 10 Mountain Bike components with Dyna-Sys drivetrain. Available already this spring will be the new DEORE XT and SLX groups, as well as a Dyna-Sys non-series crankset FC-M552 in black and silver. These products are an addition to the 9-speed components; they can easily be recognized by the Dyna-Sys logo. Visually, the components are identical to the 9-speed versions. Technically, they offer the new state-of-the-art in component technology: Dyna-Sys.

Completely new drivetrain
Shimano has changed the standard set-up of the drivetrain to increase the efficiency and achieve a remarkable stability. The current standard set up is 44-32-22 teeth chain rings combined with 9-speed cassette sprockets. This will change to 42-32-24 teeth chain rings combined with 10-speed cassette sprockets.

The advantages of a closer ratio front drivetrain with wider range cassette sprockets:

1. Increased efficiency

  • A wider range 10-speed HG cassette means riders can spend more time in the 32T middle chain ring. And when they do have to drop to the granny, it’s a smoother, faster shift thanks to the more useable 24T inner chain ring. Also the 42T big-ring is easier to ride and smoother to get into so riders will use it more.
  • Traditionally, riders have had to get used to making two or three recovery shifts in the rear every time they drop into the 22T granny. With Dyna-Sys, it’s just one recovery shift and it’s needed less often.
  • Dyna-Sys makes shifting to the granny a seamless transition, letting riders deliver consistent, efficient power while maintaining cadence.

2. Remarkable stability

  • An all-new directional mountain bike specific 10-speed chain means smoother shifts, lighter weight and greater overall performance.
  • Closer gear ratios mean smaller jumps in between gears, more efficient chain movement and less chance of dropping a chain in rough conditions.
  • Tighter cable routing and shorter rear derailleur housing make the system less prone to contamination, trail chatter or suspension movement.


XT 10speed:
Cassette – £59.99srp (11-32, 11-34, 11-36T)
Chain – £34.99srp
Chainset – £189.99srp (24/32/42T – 165, 170, 175, 180mm lengths)
Front Mech – £34.99srp (Top Swing/Down Swing) (Direct Mount & E-Fit – £29.99srp)
Shadow Rear Mech – £64.99srp (GS or SGS)
Rapidfire Shifters – £89.99srp (pair) (£49.99srp for R/hand only)

SLX 10speed:
Cassette – £49.99srp (11-34, 11-36T)
Chain – £29.99srp
Chainset – £139.99srp (24/32/42T –170, 175mm lengths)
Front Mech – £29.99srp( Top Swing/Down Swing) (Direct Mount & E-Fit – £26.99srp)
Shadow Rear Mech – £49.99srp (SGS only)
Rapidfire Shifters – £59.99srp (pair) (£29.99srp for R/hand only)

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    And these cranks are what?

    These cranks are a non-groupset set of cranks that Shimano does for OEMs. Gives you a little closer look though.

    I thought 10spd meant 2×10, not 3×10 ?

    It depends which manufacturer you are. Shimano is using 3×10 here to reduce front shifting while still keeping a big range of gears.

    Fook me 30 gears what next – bikes with one gear ? 😛

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