Sea Otter: The new Rocky Mountain Slayer – in Gabblevision!

by Chipps 9

Here’s a video for you…

Now, before you click ‘Play’, make sure you’re up to speed, because Andreas had honed his presentation to a razor sharp edge by the time Chipps got to see him at Sea Otter. Consequently he rattles through the delights and benefits of the new Rocky Mountain Slayer in under three minutes…

Holding on tight?

[stvideo src=”2010/04/RockyMountain.m4v”]

Comments (9)

  1. can i have one please…….

  2. must be a slow bike as it has no big ring

  3. Haha. If I had a mountain bike company I’d want that guy to do the talking. Awesome.

  4. He’s also bonkers-fast on a bike…

  5. Eww, Granny sandwich, that just doesn’t bear thinking about!!

  6. I think I’ve just seen him flogging dodgy perfume down the market.

  7. can you ask him to explain the smooth link suspension again?
    he used the ‘wavy arm’ technique to get himself through that one

  8. Andreas was just back from a visit to “uncle charlie” perhaps? Nice to see Shimano are moving to e-thru on the rear as well.

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