Fresh Goods Friday: Altura, Fox, Genesis, Orange, Zyro and more

by Nathan 23

Singletrack Issue 57

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Orange Five

From: Orange Bikes

Price: Five range from £1999.99 to £3369.99

We got this new Orange Five in during the week. It’s built up with race face evolve cranks, tapered headtube, comes with Fox float forks and an RP23 shock , shimano SLX shifters and a Crank Bros remote adjust seatpost. Look out for more in next issues Bike Test. Doesn’t it look clean?
(Oh, and did we mention that it’s a prototype 2011 bike? Orange won’t be making this bike just yet, though there are plans to release something along these lines in time for the end of the summer – expect it to cost a little more than a regular Five though…

A decal sticker pack to customise your look

Saracen Ariel 2

From: Madison

Price: £2099.99

The Ariel is an All-mountain styled bike from Saracen. It uses a single pivot suspension design and the frame is made from triple butted 7005/T6 custom formed alloy tubing. There are three different finish levels, the Ariel 2 we have is finished with race face bar respond bar, stem and seatpost and has Shimano SLX shifting groupset. The frame comes decal free and the free decal sticker pack lets you create your own design. The Ariel 1 retails at £1599.99 and the Ariel 3 at £2499.99.

How many sprockets can you see?

Genesis Altitude – 10 Speed

This Altitude is set up with a new 10 speed SLX system from Shimano – we’ll be bringing you more information on how it performs in the coming future.

Fork Show

Next issue’s Group Test is going to be on race styled, 100mm travel forks. We’ve got these three samples from Rock Shox, Fox and Magura in so far – look out for more info in Issue 58. White is right!

Howies Tomproof jeans

From: Howies

Price: £60

Matt modelling his Tomproof jeans – notice Chipps with a cheeky glance in the background. The back yoke seam has been removed from these jeans as it’s where Tom (a skater for Howies) ripped his jeans – all the time, and the inseam has been removed and replaced with a full length inside leg panel that makes them more durable. Matt has still managed to wear out the back pocket patch already.

PocketToolX MAKO Bike Tool

From: PocketToolX

Price: $69

This one piece tool comes straight from USA. It has a bottle opener, two spoke tools, a philips screwdriver, torx bit, and 5 box wrench sizes.

Abel & Cole Fruit Box

From: Abel & Cole

Price: £20

We’re on a quest to become healthy at ST Towers. This fruit box is delivered to our door by the organic fruit company Abel & Cole. Now all we have to do is swap the biscuits for a banana.

Altura Semi Dry 3/4

From: ZYRO

Price: £59.99

These shorts are made with a waterproof, stretch rear panel, with  zipped hand pockets and leg vents and leg opening adjusters.

Altura Apex Shorts

From: ZYRO

Price: £79.99

All mountain trail baggies, made from a polyester / nylon shell with a stretch crotch and rear panels for increased comfort.

Altura Quantum X Womens Short

From: ZYRO

Price: £69.99

The Quantum X is branded a “hard wearing ladies short”, made with zip vent openings, a stretch seat and padded rear and an adjustable rear waist.

Altura Asymetrix SS Jersey

From: ZYRO

Price: £39.99

A “performance fit summer jersey”, this top is designed with warm summer riding in mind and is constructed of a high wicking, stretch fabric.

Altura Summit SS Jersey

From: ZYRO

Price: £39.99

A loose fit trail jersey. Simple

Altura Summit Shorts

From: ZYRO

Price: £54.99

Made from Dura-plus fabric with rear gill vents for increased air flow, these shorts are a “trail baggy designed for performance” according to Altura.

Altura Quantum Womens Tee

From: ZYRO

Price: £24.99

A woman specific, high wicking, quick dry tee.

Altura Spirit Womens Jersey

From: ZYRO

Price: £29.99

The Spirit is a summer stlyed top for women, with a large front zip and a zipped rear pocket.

Altura Flexx Shorts

From: ZYRO

Price: £69.99 / £49.99 (no liner)

With an optional removable multi density stretch insert, the Flexx is a stretchy, vented short made with comfort in mind.

Altura Mayhem Tee

From: ZYRO

Price: £24.99

Trail riding tee.

Design Images

From: Somhairle MacDonald

We got these images sent in from a graphic designer from Glasgow. We think they look pretty cool so here they are for your enjoyment!

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  1. Torq wrench? Is that for opening energy gels?

  2. “The back yoke seam has been removed from these jeans as it’s where Tom ripped his jeans – all the time, and the inseam has been removed and replaced with a full length inside leg panel that makes them more durable. Matt has still managed to wear out the back pocket already.”

    Blah blah blah, not much good if they’re completely sold out of every size is it! 🙁

  3. what use are box wrenches other than for things like bleeding brakes?
    and with those locations, you couldnt use it on a bleed nipple?

    15mm is a pedal spanner, except, its a closed box.

    a star screwdriver?
    is that a torque wrench?

    two nipple keys, neither of which can put in more than a quarter of a turn at a time?

    looks nice, but cant imagine it being useful for ANYTHING other than opening beer?

    please correct me!

  4. Is the price for that little tool a typo?

  5. Ah, article now edited so my comment makes no sense 😆

  6. that tool looks completely useless, and how much??

    I know its fresh goods, but come on a box of fresh fruit?

  7. “we’ll be bringing you more information on how it performs in the coming future.”

    as opposed to the past future?

  8. Any chance of a link to a website for the design images?

  9. HA! i hadnt seen the price of the tool
    its cookie cut Ti and 4 off the shelf hex bits! come ON!

    Meh, each to thier own, im sure many people will buy it.

  10. gutted about that Five – only got mine in January – sob sob

  11. Every picture of Matt (ill-advisedly) modelling jeans makes him look like his inside leg is about 12″.

    The next picture try lying on the floor, it’ll make him look longer. He’ll thank you for it.

  12. What’s the seatube on the new five? Please tell me it’s 30.9?

  13. Anyone want an ’08 Five? 😛

  14. I really want that Saracen. Gorgeous bike.

  15. That Saracen does look good, been thinking that for a while actually.

  16. The tool is nice but seems to be a bit of a rip off from the lovely Atwood knives bike tool:

  17. Biketreks have had one of those Fives for sale for a while. 16″ standover, 18″ wheelbase, tapered headtube, 30.9 Seat tube, bright green, big wonga. It’s badged as a “Strange”.
    When are CB gonna do a 27.2 Joplin!!????

  18. I can never have a Saracen, same as I can never have a skoda, a legacy from being raised in the late 80’s

  19. Or being an irrational badge snob?

  20. i expect those tools will been used as flashy keyrings for those blessed with lots of free stuff 🙂

    saracen looks ace and the bananas are just the right ripeness IMHO

  21. Harry aka dave- 18″ wheelbase??????!!!

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