Black Mountains 3 Day Event

by Nathan 9

If three days of testing yourself in the saddle with rocky descents, huge climbs and Welsh forest riding sounds good to you, then clear some space in your summer diary for the Black Mountains 3 Day.

Black Mountains 3 Day is a 3 day mountain bike stage endurance event running from 30 July – 1 August 2010. Set in the Brecon Beacons National Park of South Wales, it aims to be a tough but rewarding ride through unforgiving terrain encompassing tough technical trails.

To reward all your hard work during the day everything else is going to be as comfortable as possible. The Black Mountains 3 Day is a fully serviced event providing hot showers, massages, tailored nutrition and tented villages to rest your exhausted body. There’ll also be mechanics and bike wash facilities on hand so your bike’s as well cared for as you.

Brecon Beacons National Park is renowned for its incredible scenery and amazing sense of remoteness and is popular with walkers and riders. Over the 3 days you’ll be experiencing all the best aspects of riding in the National Park, and will be passing through a number of friendly local communities.

So get involved with this incredible experience, whether you are riding alone or with a buddy and whether you are a seasoned stage racer or a first timer. We’ve also got packages for family and friends to come along and support the riders, so you don’t have to suffer alone.

Official registration is now open on a first come first served basis and you can register at

Visit for more information.  Or check out for updated news about routes, suppliers and the website.

General information about the event

  • Day 1 – 101kms, day 2 – 91kms and day 3 – 88kms
  • More than 8,000 metres climbing over the three days!
  • Very challenging terrain in the dry – if its wet then quadruple the challenge
  • Expect to carry your bike up very steep ascents and unbelievably on a descent or two
  • Expect a mix of single track, jeep track, fire road, natural tracks and a tiny bit of farm road (this is needed to link sections together)
  • All routes will be marked and signed.  There will also be .GPX files available a week before the event.
  • All routes will be marshalled and there will be full medical support pre, during and post each day’s ride
  • Feed stations stocking Torq products will be available on each stage

General information about the tented village

  • Tents will be supplied and erected by Bearded Man on a shared basis (3 man tents for 2 people) – there is a single supplement available
  • Food (breakfasts and dinners) will be supplied by the legendary Drop Off Café.  Lunches will be available to buy at the tented village after the day’s riding.  Lunch will be supplied by the local communities and will include food such as BBQ, sandwiches, cakes etc.
  • Optional extras will be available including massages and there will be a bike maintenance team that charge standard rates to fix bikes.
  • To get the most out of the day 2 route, the tented village will remain in the same place for the second and third evening.

Comments (9)

  1. hmmm.. Justin, we’d better keep the partners happy for a few more weeks, then ask. then if we’re lucky, we may even get to watch how it should be done.
    8km of climbing? is my body up to that?

  2. “Expect to carry your bike up very steep ascents and unbelievably on a descent or two”

    Yes! Finally, an event that caters for those of us that can’t read maps, or put too much faith in OS dotted lines.

    I’ve got two weeks of potential hike-a-bike coming up, I’m gonna be well prepared!

  3. £220 for 3 days riding…looks like a good event but for not alot more you could Transwales in your own tent.

  4. Hi Skills – thanks for your comment. If you do a like for like comparison the Black Mountains 3 Day is actually cheaper (per day) then the Transwales Gold package and £6 more (per day) then the Transwales silver package, which doesn’t include a tent – as you suggest.

    We understand it is expensive and are going to make sure that you get good value for the money you spend.

    Bearded Man Crew

  5. Think you have to spend 3 times the Blackmountain entry fee to get an equivalent package at Transwales.. although the Transwales event is more days.

    I actually thought it was well priced as entry fee to 3 single day events would stand you at close to £150 without any frills.

  6. Now this looks great!
    A mini Trans Wales.
    Or 3 CRC / Meridas back-to-back even.
    Very, very tempted.

  7. No offence meant by the above, was tempted to enter but the week after Bontrager 24/12 so i’ll still be nodding off randomly all the time.

    Good luck with the event

  8. No offence taken Skills 🙂

    Enjoy 24/12 – its an amazing event.

  9. Soloing again this year, I might be able to square the weekend of your event off if you need help still? Also work for a company who may be able to help out with support etc. drop me a mail

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