Another Santa Cruz Sneak Peek…

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It’s no surprise that the companies that appear to be getting the most press this week have ex-journalists as spokesmen…

Next up, we have a teaser from Santa Cruz… Not content with releasing its new Nomad Carbon last week, there are more revelations that’ll be released at next week’s Sea Otter…

Two teaser pics… and just this quote about them… “About those new bikes. All will be revealed by next Monday sometime, but some of the guesses out in the internets are getting close. Others, well, not so much. In the interests of playing along, we can say that these next two bikes won’t be made out of carbon. Nor will they be hardtails. They will have tapered head tubes:”

And they will have suspension, and, just in case anyone was wondering, they will be getting ridden by Rob Roskopp’s posse of ‘Good Looking Tall Men With Accents’ at the Sea Otter in select events:

So, there’s much conjecture and internet forum debate as to just what these bikes are… Slopestyle? A new Blur 4X? Non-VPP? We’ll see next week…

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  1. Well, looking at the cables, that top one is a full suspension single speeder. Tres niche, n’est ce pas? Or maybe not so niche on the slope-style scene…

  2. No, the shifters are on the downtube, just out of shot.

  3. or just not fully assembled?

  4. doh! the cable closest to the camera is a gear cable, te front brake hose isnt in shot

  5. defo a rear brake and a shifter there – 1×9/1×10?? front brake hose top of shot.

  6. Top one’s shock mount makes it look like a Bottle Rocket or Blood.
    I don’t get the singlespeed argument. There look to be 3 cables to me. One going to the front wheel and two to the back of the bike.
    So brakes set up british style and a rear mech. Cable loops look small for whips though.

    Bottom one looks like VPP, maybe a new Blur LT.

  7. It’s all Singletrack though, so it’s all good 🙂

    Stay tuned next week for Sea Otter coverage too…

  8. Tapered headtube update to the Blur LT2 to match the LTC would be nice. Or a non-carbon (cheaper) version of the Blur XC…

  9. Just hover your mouse over the images. Deliberate alt text?

  10. Top one is a new blur 4x ish slopestyle bike built along the lines of a blt and bottom one is a new heckler with a link actuated shock

  11. Oh yeah… din’t see that 3rd hose. 😳

  12. Even if its the new Blur4x it would be pointless me buying one…until mines gone 😀

  13. Check the site again about 4pm… 😉

  14. ahh come on chipps, you know you want to leak it now

  15. Nice one Chipps………can’t wait til 4pm!!!

  16. Ewwwww I’m sorry to say that heckler looks a bit minging, the swingarm looks all spindly.

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