Mumblings From The Lost.

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Back in the office today – and I can’t tell you how happy I am .

This is not a normal state of affairs, fortunate as we are, doing the job we do – I think most of us think office hours suck as much as anyone else’s tied to a desk.

Today however I’m delighted – I’m delighted because my desk is covered in my detritus – bits of rubbish, a set of headphones – a pile of higgledy piggledy pieces of paper interspersed with magazines and DVD Boxes ( The DVDs will not be in them of course) a smelly wooly hat and a veg peeler!

The reason I feel happier is there’s stuff around me I recognise, it’s in its messy place but it’s in a place. You see Last week I managed to inadvertently make myself and my girlfriend Sami homeless.

We’ve rented our home out with the plan to move ‘up the hill’ (daylight and a garden!) we thought we had a definite(ish) date to move in to our new rented home. Unfortunately the guy living there currently (our friend) hasn’t found somewhere else to move and our ‘definite’ was his ‘soonish’ – a misunderstanding, but one that has left us without a home.

So last week we packed our home away in to storage. Everything but two large travel bags and some riding gear. All of my bikes are at the office and that’s that .

One of our freinds is putting us up in a shared house, which is a position I haven’t been in for at least 15 years and were very grateful, but it’s very hard. I’m someone who doesn’t consider myself terribly materialistic, yet my entire being is hung up on the stuff around me. I miss my books, my DVDs, my bedside light, a choice of shoes (to be fair I have a few pairs of shoes with me, but not ALL of my shoes), my boxes of herbs and spices for cooking, my pictures and, of course, my bikes.

The funny thing about the bikes is some of them I don’t really ride very much and they’ve sat there in the cellar – BUT I could ride them if I chose to. However, that’s not an option now. Well, not without a lot of faffing anyway.

So I now have one bike, one pair of riding shoes, one lid and one outfit. Like I used to have years ago. That was fine then and it should be now. Me living in a basement should get me out more and the same can be said of nothing to read or watch, Who knows? I may become richer (in a internal kind of way of course) for it.

I still wish I had my favourite cooking knife though.

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