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Gary Fisher Superfly 100
From: Trek UK

Our next bike test is Performance 29er’s. The Superfly 100 is the first bike we’ve got in for the test. It’s labelled as a 29er full-suspension performance bike at a hardtail weight which handles better than a 26″ wheel bike. Comes with Fox F100 FIT RLC 29, 100mm travel and Fox Float RP23, 110mm travel. RRP £4,500

Interesting cable routing

Santa Cruz Tallboy
From: Jungle Products

Another for our upcoming bike test. The Tallboy combines the acclaimed performance and durability of the latest VPP suspension with a carbon fibre chassis and a set of big 29″ wheels. The carbon fibre frame is offers ‘amazing stiffness and strength while keeping weight feathery light’. Our bike with the XT build ‘SPX’ kit is £3999. (The full-on XTR top shelf build is £5300 or so…)

Singular Pegasus
From: Singular Cycles

Another 29er, the Pegasus is a Titanium 29er frame which comes in a geared, ss or both compatable options. The frames are only produced on a special order basis and you can customise cable routing amongst other options. RRP  Frame only £1600. This incarnation is Singular Sam’s ‘Southern Racerboy’ setup, with carbon tubular wheels and Dugast tubs. All-in, the bike is 21.5lbs…

Cycra Guard
From: Madison

These pink guards are the latest addition to Chipp’s Orange Blood. All he needs now is some pink tyres and a pink fork! RRP £19.99

Marzocchi Bomber 44 RC3 TI QR15
From: Windwave

The Rc3 TI is a 140mm, titanium coil spring travel fork with a 15mm bolt through axle. The steerer is 1-1/8″ alloy and the claimed weight is 1927g. RRP £679.95

WTB Tyres
From: Hotlines

For the rubber lovers. Choose eitehr the 2.2 wolverine, 2.3 weirwolf or the 2.4 mutano. RRP £34.99

Bontrager 29-3 TLR Tyres
From: Trek UK

Some 29er tyres. RRP £39.99

Bontrager Rhythm Grips
From: Trek UK

130mm Lock-ons from Bontrager. RRP £17.99

Bontrager Race X-Lite Stem
From: Trek UK

Light enough for the road but strong enough for the mountain according to Bontrager. This 7050-T6 aluminium alloy stem has a 31.8m clamp and 7 degree rise. RRP £49.99

Gusset Bottom Bracket
From: Ison Distribution

Mark has started building up his Nicolai. The first piece of the puzzle is this bottom bracket from Gusset. Now is that pink or salmon?


PRO XCR Stuff: Forks £299, Stem £69.99, Bars £89.99, Seatpost £129.99
From: Madison

Full carbon, including crown, lowers, steerer and dropouts. No alloy/steel in sight. Full CEN tested. 570g w/ 300mm uncut steerer.

pro xcr

Monocoque Uni-directional carbon construction. Alloy inserts in the ends of the bar. 660 mm width x 20 mm rise. 9 degree backsweep, 5 degree upsweep.

pro xcr

3D forged 7075 T6 alloy construction. “Puzzle clamp” system. Triangular body shape. 44 mm stack height. Polished and hard anodised finish. Laseretched logo graphics.

pro xcr

Monocoque Uni-directional carbon shaft and head with in-moulded alloy insert results in a stiff, strong and lightweight structure. Two bolt wedge clamp design made from 7075 forged aluminium. 15 mm layback. Height-indicator on the rear of the shaft.

Comments (28)

    What forks are on the Peregrine?

    Also whoever designs the graphics for Pro needs shooting, they appear to have an obsession with really bad white/black/red panelling that looks like a dismembered storm trooper!

    Dunno why, that singular is hugly with a capital huh

    And apologies for the flat pedals on the racey Superfly… 🙂

    WTB is not Fisher anymore, its Hotlines.

    “The carbon fibre frame is offers amazing stiffness and strength while keeping weight feathery light.”

    Presumably this is the marketing copy not STW’s editorial line?

    The Pro forks are £299.99 and are full carbon weighing in at 570g. They are 445mm so perfect for a 100mm suspension frame. Disc brake only, post mount.

    re fugly singular – think that it is the wheel / tyre combo that spoils the looks as do the overlong brake hoses – frame looks nice

    I ride a ‘king expensive 29er and those 29ers are ‘KING EXPENSIVE! Mental.

    It’s labelled as a 29er full-suspension performance bike at a hardtail weight which handles better than a 26″ wheel bike

    Does it solve world famine too?

    agree on Pro graphics – totally naff and ugly.

    £5299.00 Hardly got ubber bling on it has it. Must be a seriously costly frame.

    Think they got the pricing a bit skewy – £5299 is the RRP for the full XTR SL Tallboy. XT equipped one is £3999. {Prices now fixed – Ed}

    singular is very nice, for a 29er

    Hmm, i was just thinking how good those forks might look on my white, black and red Charge, but at £299 maybe not! (RC31s still retail at £170 don’t they?)

    Pace RC31s are £199 plus £12 postage

    The Fisher and the Tall Boy look remarkabley similar in the frame design

    why couldnt the tall boy designers get the shock inline with the “seat stay” like the fisher, would look so much better,,

    it wouldnt take much twiddling to get the same shock ratio , and rate change,,

    In contrast to others , I actually like the graphics on the Pro stuff.

    That Gary Fisher is the ugliest bike I have ever seen, looks like it belong in Toys r us or somewhere, bad taste personified

    “Interesting cable routing”

    Have we lost complete touch with reality….

    I think “Interesting” in this case means “pish”.

    Looks like the seat-tube will need heli tape….

    The Superfly rocks – can I have a shot – please?

    I think the Singular looks quite, quite ace. Something almost kinky about those wheels and tubs.

    I’ve been using the old version of that Bonty stem, in 60mm form, and it’s very light, very stiff, all the stem you ever need.

    That PRO stuff makes me wish that bike kit came blank and logo/graphics free; I really shouldn’t be thinking like that.

    The gusset bb’s ? do they work with shimano sized axles?

    I’ve got a Tallboy (in orange as well, L frame) and theres a few areas that need taping but nothing too major. I can say now that its into its 5,000th km of riding that it goes quite well – very nimble uphill, well balanced, light as and comfortable. Very short feeling TT though and mine is 24″ but feels ‘short’.

    The Pro graphics remind me of FSA stuff. I’m sure it looks fine on the right bike (like the Superfly).

    I’m loving the head/down/top tube join on the Superfly. Very Boardman-Lotus bike.

    And the Singular looks pimp to me. Let’s get amber walls back in fashion.

    2: nickc – March 19th, 2010
    Dunno why, that singular is hugly with a capital huh

    Bad photo angle

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