Fresh Goods Friday

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Lynskey Pro 29

That’s some funky bendage
Lynskey Pro 29 Frame
Feeling lucky?

Lynskey Pro 29 Frame
From: HotLines

The Pro 29 is a race-oriented mountain hardtail with 29″ wheels. This new model uses Helix technology in the tubeset. The HELIX shaped downtube provides a stiff bottom bracket for efficient energy transfer and stable front end handling and the HELIX toptube provides precise handling and control. The disk specific frame comes usually comes with slider drop-outs to allow either SS or geared systems to be used, although our model has some shamrocks instead. RRP £1499.99

Rose The Janitor

Rose The Janitor
Notice the internal cable routing in the headtube
Rose The Janitor

Rose The Janitor
From: Rose UK

This Bling machine comes all the way from Germany. The Janitor is a full carbon rig, with Fox RP 23 rear and Talas RLC 140mm suspension up front. DT Swiss M 1600 wheelset, Sram XO derailleurs and shifters, Formula R1 carbon levered brakes and Syncros stem, bar and seat post. RRP £3,599

Enigma Bike
Bubble wrap is optional

Enigma Ego ST
From: Enigma

Enigma claim that this is ‘the best steel hardtail frame there is’. The Ego-ST is handcrafted using Columbus triple-butted tubes which are lightweight yet superbly strong. Enigma say they will build the bike of your dreams and there is an in-depth ordering questionnaire on the website. Our bike has been finished off with Rock Shox reba forks, deore xt kit and some extra bubble wrap. RRP £899 frame only

LizardSkins Aaron Chase grips
From: 2Pure

These 140mm grips are made from elastomer rubber and are available in black, white, electric blue and yellow. RRP £9.99

LizardSkins Mini Machine Grips
From: 2Pure

Lock-on grips, only mini! RRP £17.99

LizardSkins Logo Shorty Grip
From: 2Pure

The shorty is designed to be used with twist grip shifters. RRP £18.99

LizardSkins Peaty Grips
From: 2Pure

Peaty grips, good enough for the world champion himself. RRP £18.99

LizardSkins Grips
From: 2Pure

Chipps has decided to pimp out his Blood with some pink LizardSkin grips. Next up are some pink mudguards!

DT Swiss Wheels
From: Madison

Chipps has also put these custom built carbon DT Swiss wheels on his blood. They cost £1798 as a set. His aim now is to  pich-flat as much as possible to see if they explode before he does.

LizardSkins G-Love Gloves
From: 2Pure

The G-Love’s are a lightweight glove with a double stitched amara leather palm. They come in either full or half finger options. RRP £22.99 full finger £18.99 half finger

LizardSkins Charger Gloves
From: 2Pure

This Cross Country/All Mountain glove features lightweight breathable airmesh material, finger armour patches, pre-curved fingers, silicone and amara palm with reinforced padding. The pink and blue models are the female specific version.

LizardSkins Soft Elbow pads
From: 2Pure

These pads are made from 5mm perforated neroprene with removable inserts and have 2mm powertex crash panels. RRP £31.99

Panaracer CG Tyres
From: Zyro

New Cedric Gracia signature tyres. Panaracer say the CG is the ‘Ultimate 2.10 tyre’ and is designed with both XC riding/racing and short track in mind.  They say ‘the CG XC 2.1 will excel in anything from damp to super dry conditions and terrain.’ RRP £39.99

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Comments (43)

    I’d be like a kid in a sweet shop at your office.

    What’s ‘short track’? Looks like a summer tyre to me.

    just had my first ever lynksey driven sex wee.

    thats awesome.

    Sorry, run the ‘Helix Technology’ past me again…

    Helix shaped tubes, what a load of tosh. Just an excuse to charge more to people who suck it up.

    Got to agree with tthew, i’m sure twisting the tubes makes them stiffer but it looks like its been in a crash.

    90 quid for a scaffolding frame? – must be mental

    edit: 900 quid – damn keyboard – i’d give 90 quid for it though 🙂

    I’ll have any of those bikes please. That is first 29er I have ever seen that I’ve wanted.

    tthew – exactly.
    Absolutely pointless.
    Wouldn’t be so bad if it actually was pointless but looked ok but that thing looks like a piss take. It’s not April yet is it?!

    That Lynskey looks like it’s been run over by a forklift.
    Awful IMHO!

    Heliz schmelix but I think the Pro 29 looks fabulous

    I really like the helix road bikes, probably fairly limited benefit but my-oh-my it looks good in a subtly, double-take kind of way. Think it works because it’s a normal looking frame with a slight difference.

    Looks all wrong on the 29er though, too many things going on with twisted and bent tubes…

    Saving for my Lynskey road bike… – like a Lynskey down tube, but 50 stories high.

    So the initials “CG” just happen to form a good grip pattern? Canny.

    Helix technology in the tubeset? ..hmmm, it’s not April, I call shinanigans!

    Don’t really care out the “Helix” technology, it looks effing amazing. Want

    That Lynksey looks horrible. The Ego ST looks lovely though.

    The sort of people who would buy that are the sort of people who would go on ‘Grand Designs’. More money than sense.

    I’d happily listen to a short, simple explanation of what’s wrong with round tubes, and why box helix is better. Anyone? Anyone?

    That Lynsky is bogging, but that’s the first time I’ve ever fancied a Janitor…

    yep agree with all that marketing hype is just tosh like 29ers but i likes the linskey cos it is different and mould breaking

    Er, can none of you read? The HELIX shaped downtube provides a stiff bottom bracket for efficient energy transfer and stable front end handling and the HELIX toptube provides precise handling and control.

    a gopping ti frame , £900 for a steel frame ,£1800 for a pair of wheels .how about some stuff that the ordinary joe can afford .getting like the gadget show for mtbs there is still a recession on not everybody has won the lottery .

    In next weeks fresh goods: Three Halfords inner tubes and a tyre lever 😉

    £1800 for wheels? Surely you can spend your money better, like the Lynskey frame? Even though it looks awful!

    What, no Renthal stem? I got mine through today!

    The frame looks awful. Don’t fancy one no matter how great a rider I could become thanks to the twister.

    lmao could they just say helix just because we can and it looks awesome? why comeup with all this it improves rigidity and handling by x % bolox

    I wish I wasn’t such a short ass because that 29er is pure unadulterated sex

    I’m normally first to have a winge about rising prices, but even I have to say that the Rose carbon full-susser isn’t bad value considering the spec.

    I think there’s a real possibility that, if riden over a ley line, that Lynskey could untwist in a very violent way, throwing it’s rider from the bike. Since I live in north Wales, which is covered in ley lines, I don’t think I’ll be buying one on the grounds of safety.

    (Yes I know I’ve just written a load of complete b0ll0x, but then so is most mtb industry marketing speak).

    Think I’ll just stick with my old Merlin. 13 years old and still going strong despite only having round section tubes. They must have done something right.

    fwiw i think the lynskey looks quite cool and different, which, I reckon if they were being honest, is the main reason for doing it. It may or may not bring benefits. If it makes the structure more efficient, it’ll weight less for a given stiffness, or vice versa (t’would be good to know the frame weight). Its likely that the benefits/penalties (if any) will be pretty subtle so it would be nice if they just said ” yeahs its a bit stiffer/lighter but the main reason for doing it is cos it looks cool” I think people would appreciate the honesty and not feel that nagging ‘silly’ feeling when riding around on a bike which smacks of marketing BS by (contravertially (sp)) claiming to be a-maze-en. OR, (more likely) just back up some of the claims with some science to silence all the forum debates. I haven’t actually looked on their website so don’t shoot me if they have! Just my two-penneth…

    “excel in anything from damp to super dry conditions”

    Useless in the wet then?

    Lynskey looks shyte – Chipps Pink Orange however looks trés cool.

    Adds Lynksy to the list of companies not to buy stuff from. Why do companies make up this BS?
    All they had to say was ‘we made it this because we can’ and it would have been great!

    That Enigma Ego ST is sexy as f*** 🙂

    Whay all this talk about the gimmicky Lynskey frame when the Cedric Gracia tyre is far more gimmicky?

    And nice as the Rose bike looks, who wants a bike called “The Janitor”? Was something lost in translation there?

    That blood looks far too clean, does anyone ever actually ride it or just fit bits to it and take photos?

    Personally I reckon that Lynskey looks ace, as its another twist on the 2 triangles thing and gives them something unique to sell on.

    Panaracer CG Tyres

    How cool is that? A tyre named after me … anti-fall I wonder!

    I’am sure the carbon rose will get a price hike,seems a steal compared to similar specked bikes…

    Oh god!
    The age old argument of form and function…..
    How many people on here would like to see the FEA anylasis on a helix tube set?
    How many of you would understand said FEA?
    If you dont like Helix you could always get a std Ridgeline!

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