A Touch Of Class (Premier Content)

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Our second Premier gallery of extra shots from the Touch of Class feature in Issue 56

We’ve spent a lot of time in the last year coming up with ideas for how you can save money by going half way across the country to ride and then sleeping in a hedge. Or getting an entire weekend of riding for you and your mates out of a ton (£100) of money. Mark tried that and nearly died once and so in Issue 56 he decided to excercise his theory that this is a false economy and that we should be spending money on ourselves and not just our bikes when we find those precious weekends we can spend away riding.

Of course it did mean that he’d have to spend a weekend in a posh hotel on expenses… All in the name of research of course. He does these things so that you don’t have to 🙂

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    that pub starter is making me hungry!

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