New Felt Trailshot Arrives in UK

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“Just into the warehouse and ready for new homes” reckons Ross, our inside man at UK Felt Bikes importers Saddleback. Here’s what he has to say about the “designed for the UK” bike…

“I have had a proto frame since the summer ’09, and have put a lot of miles on it and ridden right across the winter. Can’t wait for the spring! The bikes that have just landed have had a couple refinements over the proto, and are ready to hit the UK soil. I am bang on 6ft and the 17.5” frame gives easily enough leg extension to ride out to the trails, and easily enough clearance to shimmy the bike through Bristol’s finest Singletrack© and Wales’ techy-ist trails. The bike has been with me to the majority of Welsh trail centres and on many classic rides, and to a lot of the South West’s BMX tracks and hidden pump tracks. I could not be more happy with the bike and the people I have met out riding, who managed to blag a ride on the bike, have all been equally as impressed.”

Felt Trailshot
We love a good 'Here's one I just built' warehouse shot... And they say it's all work there?

Marketing schpiel…

“From your local single track blast, to trail centre red runs, the Trail Shot gives you all the confidence you need for innovative lines, bold moves and sustained flow. Whether you’re aiming to clean a section first time, or do your share of the next 12 hour race, the purpose-built Hydroformed 6061 aluminium frame, Rockshox 2010 Recon Solo Air fork and SRAM drive train give you the performance and confidence to up your game.”

Felt Trailsho
And here's one that someone else shot in a studio earlier...

More details here: Felt Bikes

Comments (14)

    I think its the saddles that always make felts look a bit wierd. They look overly long
    I’m not sure I’d want to ride a 12hour race on something with as beefy aluminium tubes as that either

    nice looking bike; looks solid.

    is it a case of ‘if you have to ask, you can’t afford’?

    Looks nice. My experience of Felts has been that they have mentally steep front ends, but this looks a little slacker…

    Hey Ross – looks like I’d struggle to break one of these! But if you’d like me to have a go…. That Virtue 2 frame is going well, so thanks for that – martin

    I have had the good fortune of riding the proto in a few places and have to say it does what it says on the tin, Bristol single track stuff was a blast and Welsh trail centre riding it felt at home, the sort of bike that makes you want to try that last section harder and faster, If I had some spare cash I would go for one.

    It’s dual with a bash ring but what size rings? Looks like a big jump. 24/40 may be?

    @Acorlett, Its a 69^ head angle.

    @Paul@RTW , its a 24/36 combo upfront

    Oh, ok. Looks bigger then that in the photos, that’s all.

    Grimtech – is 69 degrees static or when sagged?

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