Muc-Off Up The Cleaning Ante With Brand New 2-Litre Grime Buster!

by Matt Letch 16

We’ve mainly put this story up for the cheesy picture of Peaty..

Muc-Off up the cleaning ante with brand new 2-Litre grime buster!

Muc-Off prides itself on cutting-edge products. The UK-based cleaning and lubrication experts continually strive to engage with the end user and give them the tools to do the job. Along with listening to their market they also have a keen eye on innovation, and not being a company to stand still they have moved the ‘cleaning goalposts’ once more with the release of a cool new 2-litre Bike Cleaner sprayer. The world’s only pressurised bike cleaning sprayer!

The funky bottle houses a pump action pressure system for the easiest Muc-Off application ever! What’s more the product is endorsed by 2009 World Downhill MTB champ Steve Peat, who has taken delivery just in time to put the new sprayer into action as the 2010 season gets closer, and his training intensifies and his bikes get pretty mucky.

Muc-Off general manager James Cramp is excited about this latest product to be added to the Muc-Off stable “As with all of out new products we aim to tick all boxes. The new 2-Litre sprayer pretty much hits the spot on all of the Muc-Off cleaning angles. It’s green, in that you can refill less often, but reuse and reuse – thus adhering to our ‘refill not landfill’ plan. It also delivers more power to the spray action, after the pump-up has been engaged and finally is very durable, –  what we would call here a ‘bottle for life’!”

* Funky design with adjustable nozzle filled with 2 litres of the famous Muc-Off Bike cleaner!

* Extremely durable and robust construction, bottle for life!

* Pump action spray pump

* The ONLY true ‘sprayer for life’

SSP (Inc VAT) £19.99 – per bottle

For further information on the Muc-Off range of bike and rider care products visit the Muc-Off website at

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  1. Not sure thats much of a sell there – I like Peaty but I don’t like paying £10 extra for a spray bottle – 2 litres of muc off is £10 online at the dearest. Bit of a rip off IMHO 🙂


  3. does he have the gloves on to stop his fingers melting if the muc off comes in contact?

  4. If its anything like we used in the motor trade, it will be good until the chemical eats the pump washers, then its U/S, may aswell buy a regular little pump and a big drum of chemical,

  5. Sorry to jump on the knocking Muc Off but you can get a couple of 1 litre pump sprayers for less than a tenner and then a litre of Fenwicks concentrate that will make you up to 1litres for another tenner. Can only see these being sold to the casual buyer rather than the “hardcore” cyclists.

    Shame really, but that’s the free market for you.

  6. Maybe I’ve been using these things wrongly for years, but I thought the way you used this stuff was you spray it on the bike, agitate with a brush or a sponge then rinse off.

    Why do I need to ‘deliver more power to the spray action’? Wouldn’t more power just mean that it will penetrate seals?

  7. it`s dearer and does more harm then cracked cocaine

  8. “Why do I need to ‘deliver more power to the spray action’? Wouldn’t more power just mean that it will penetrate seals?”

    Not at all, if more of your hand power goes to spraying then you need less power for the same results, obviously. It’s not a pressure washer!

    Still too expensive. Water’s usually enough but if you need a cleaner then tesco’s daisy ftw! (or fenwicks if that would make you feel too much like a chav)

  9. Anyone else infuriated by the inappropriate use of the word ‘funky’ in modern language?

  10. The formula in Muc Off has changed so it isn’t as bad on paints/seals as it once was…the stuff works well in cleaning grease/oil cack off a drivetrain, doesn’t seem to affect discs if they get a spray and seems to last well if you aren’t using it to spray your complete bike.

    £20 does sound rather steep though and I suspect it will sell but not in a lot of units as it does look like a lot of cash for not a lot.

    The formula/chemical stuff is well worth the money (althought here are cheaper available), but the sprayer I reckon isn’t that great for that price – very nice idea, just not the right price in my opinion.

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