British Cycling Hall of Fame Ceremony

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Sir Chris Hoy started the karaoke before Chris Boardman took over...
The inductees, including Jim McRoy, (centre rear) collecting Jason's award
Top marks for British Cycling recognising some of the sports greats, and for putting on a rather posh event.

50 cycling legends, from sporting stalwarts to backroom heroes, were inducted into the first British Cycling Hall of Fame on Saturday 20 February at the organisation’s 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner held at Manchester Central.

From the mountain bike world there were some familiar names like: Jason McRoy, Pat Adams, David Baker, Caroline Alexander and Tim Gould.

Inductees from decades past represented on the night included seven-time World Champion Beryl Burton OBE, eight times Tour de France stage winner Barry Hoban and Tom Simpson who died during the 1967 Tour while climbing Mont Ventoux.

Among more recent sporting heroes collecting their honours on the night were Chris Boardman MBE, who won three Tour de France yellow jerseys and an Olympic Gold medal, Olympic track heroes Craig MacLean and Paul Manning MBE and mountain bike legends Tim Gould and Caroline Alexander.

Peter King CBE, whose 12 year tenure as British Cycling’s CEO set the organisation on its path to success and Peter Keen OBE, who revolutionised British Cycling’s performance programme with the aid of national lottery funding, were also inducted.

Eileen Grey CBE, one of the sport’s most prominent early pioneers, whose efforts led to women’s cycling gaining Olympic recognition, also collected her honour and gave a touching account of British Cycling’s early days.

Brian Cookson OBE, British Cycling’s President, said: “Our first Hall of Fame ceremony was a truly touching occasion and a fitting finale to a superb evening of reflection and entertainment. 38 inductees and representatives of inductees collected their honours on the night to a great reception from the audience.”

Nearly 700 guests from all corners of Britain attended the black tie event, hosted by Sky’s anchorman Dermot Murnaghan, among them a host of cycling luminaries including Sir Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton MBE, Dave Brailsford CBE, British Cycling’s Performance Director and Steve Peat, current Mountain Bike Downhill World Champion.

National Champions and National Series winners collected their honours at the 2009 Annual Awards in the afternoon and a number of Volunteer and Special Recognition Awards were also presented during the Gala Dinner.

A list of all 50 Hall of Fame inductees can be found below.

The full, alphabetical list of inductees.
Pat Adams
Caroline Alexander
Brian Annable
David Baker
Sid Barras
Stuart Benstead
Chris Boardman MBE
Bill Bradley
Beryl Burton OBE
Keith Butler
Arthur Campbell MBE
Brian Cossavella
Doug Dailey MBE
Tony Doyle MBE
Ian Emmerson OBE
Malcolm Elliott
Benny Foster OBE
Tim Gould
Eileen Gray CBE
Dave Hemsley
Barry Hoban
Dale Holmes
Mandy Jones
Peter Keen OBE
Peter King CBE
Stan Kite
Phil Liggett MBE
Craig Maclean
Paul Manning MBE
John & Doreen Mallinson
Yvonne McGregor MBE
Gerry McDaid
Jason McRoy
Chas Messenger
George Millar
Robert Millar
Graeme Obree
Hugh Porter MBE
Jason Queally MBE
John Rawnsley
Brian Robinson
Alan Rushton
Tom Simpson
Eddie Soens
Colin Sturgess
Dot Tilbury MBE
Graham Webb
Les West
Sean Yates
Tony Yorke OBE


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    WTF – Steve Peat anyone? Hello?

    Original list of inductees is only for people who have retired from competitive racing. So no Steve Peat, Chris Hoy, Mark Cavendish etc on the list.

    I wonder what that do cost to host and how many juniors could have been co-funded had the cash been diverted to cycling rather than a knees up for the great and the good.

    “Straightliner – February 22nd, 2010 Original list of inductees is only for people who have retired from competitive racing”

    Malcolm Elliott’s still racing & very competitive

    mtbfix – it was pay-for-expensive-ticket affair that probably actually raised money! 🙂

    Tickets for the Gala Dinner were priced at £120 + VAT per person (or £75 if you were a British Cycling member)

    Mike Burrows to be included please.

    Why do people always have to put a downer on things. yes maybe they could have founded some juniors, however raising the sports profile as a whole is worth much much more so actually its money well spent. Hopefully one day people in this country will respect the hall of fame idea like they in the states and it will become one those life long aims for sports men and women.

    nothing wrong there, they inspired generations of cyclists(no funding can do that). every junior has a hero. tim gould and jmc were mine.

    I can’t see Ian Cammish either 🙁

    well, maybe those were inc in the top 60 ;O)

    Nobody tell Dale Holmes he’s retired from competitive racing please…

    My mate was there receiving an award for Senior BMX champ, got photos with all the big names. Victoria Pendelton was looking tremend that night!

    BTW the list of inductees above includes a Tony Doyle. Surely Jedi hasn’t reached this stage just yet? I know he’s getting quite the devoted following on STW but not this much?

    None of this matters unless we continue to let BC be ‘our’ representatives and do as they wish.

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