2010 Marzocchi 55 RC3 Ti Promo Video

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Dan from Marzocchi UK: “Static pictures do not do any justice to a suspension product, so we decided to make a video. Here UK Corsair/ Marzocchi rider Chris Smith puts the 2010 fork through its paces…”

Footage of Corsair rider Chris Smith is always worth a peak.

[stvideo src=”2010/02/Mazza.m4v”]

The 2010 Marzocchi 55 RC3 Ti is available in both 1” 1/8 and 1.5” steerer tube’s in Grey and 1”/8 steerer in Ltd Ed Purple.

For more information > www.windwave.co.uk

Comments (12)

    Bit nerdy, but kind of cool to see the fork working.

    I love watching the pumping action ;-O

    Looks like they work rather well, although, the decals are gopping, surely someone could have come up with something less garish.

    3 year warranty with no service stipulations – they must be really keen to get these selling.

    “3 year warranty with no service stipulations”?!?!? Very bold move… Going a bit like the car industry, without the failing brakes! 😀

    Look really nice! I loved all my marzochi forks ive had pre 2006 models. But have been put off recently

    The Singletrack test pair are working a treat. I’ve been out hucking on them today. I think they look mint too for the record 🙂

    oooo at The Quarry. Shame about colour

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