Veja x Cyclope Shoes

by Nathan 8

A new, fixie specific shoe from Veja and French cycle shop Cyclope, will be available to buy from next Monday, 1st February but you can pre-order a pair now by visiting PaperScissorStone.

The shoe is made from ecological material and adapted for fixed-gear cycling. It has a hard wearing, 25 mm Amazonian rubber sole and the front of the sneaker has been strengthened by a leather yoke to increase foot protection.

They are so exclusive that only 384 pairs are being produced, each with a £95 price tag.

Available in either a blue/black or red/black colour option, these shoes can only be bought in Offspring Neal Street (London) and Paper Scissor Stone (Leeds).

Comments (8)

  1. “Fixie specific” = must be worn with skinny jeans and angular hair.

  2. 384 pairs?

    thats a nice round number…..

  3. Pseud’s Corner or what?…

  4. 384 is divisible by 12 – standard shoe packing carton quantity. £95 due to small order size plus mark-up for exclusivity.
    Compared to massive order volume and mechanised manufacturing process of most bike components which price is more laughable?

  5. I quite like them.

    Let me know when they are reduced in a sale.

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