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Magura Marta SL
From: Magura

We’re getting a lot of “build kit” stuff in at the mo. We’ve got a lot of frames to turn into complete bikes. These brakes are pencilled in for Matt’s new Long Termer bike (more about that below).

Bontrager XR4 tyre
From: Trek UK

Bontrager are releasing a whole new load of tyres. Any tyre with “X” in its name is for XC/trail type riding. The number (either “2” or “4” at the moment) denotes how knobbly it is. So this “XR4” is a very knobbly tyre for XC/trail riding.

Mystery tyre
From: Not telling.

We’ll have a bit more info about this tyre early next week. Ooh, how exciting! Or not.

Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine Issue 55
From: Singletrack Magazine

It’s herrrrrre! Cover looks great. The stuff inside is nice too.

Biologic iPhone Mounting Kit

iPhones are everywhere, so Biologic have made a bike mounting kit for all the Iphone users out there. Effectively its a mp3, GPS and speedometer all rolled into one, but whether you’d want to risk your iPhone by mounting it is another matter entirely. RRP – we’re not sure yet.

Giro Remedy Gloves
From: Madison

The remedy glove from Giro has a new D30 shock absorbtion system which is supposed to stiffen on impact to reduce the likelyhood of injury. We have a hammer ready, we just need a willing volunteer to test the theory. RRP £34.99

Shimano XT Gruppo
From: Madison

Madison have sent us through a load of shimano kit for Matt’s new Santa Cruz Blur LT build. Stay tuned for more about that bike early next week.

DT Swiss 20mm Front Hub
From: Madison

A neat looking hub, the 240s is made with corrosion resistant stainless steel bearnings and improved cantact-free double flanged sealing for added durability. They cost a pretty penny though. RRP £174.99

DT Swiss QR Rear Hub
From: Madison

The 240s rear hub has 18 engagement teeth for a more positive pick-up and the same orrosion resistant bearnings as the front hub. The star ratchet drive system in Freehub offers low maintenance, strength and quick engagement. RRP £289.99

DT Swiss EXC Wheels
From: Madison

These funky wheelshave come in for Chipps’ Orange Blood. They are made from carbon fibre and weigh next to nothing with 1550grams the weight reported by DT Swiss themselves. They look impressive but the price tag will shock many people. RRP £799 front, £999 rear. DT claims that the rims are stronger than its own downhill rims. Chipps is under instruction to go out and try to pinch flat as much as possible to see if they explode. We don’t think they will. He might though.

Gamut P30 DualGuide
From: Madison

A nice looking chain guide device to combat chain retention and aggressive trail obstacles. There’s not much equipment for your money though. RRP £99.99

Gary Fisher RumbleFish 2
From: Trek UK

The RumbleFish is cited as Gary Fisher’s technical 29er. How technical it will be remains to be seen as it looks bulky and awkward and not suitable for anyone under 7 foot tall. 29er looks can be deceiving though and a quick spin has shown it to be a good size for most of us here. Next stop, the Steps of Death…

Comments (30)

    the techno death steps?

    Can I have those brakes when you’re done with them?

    That would be great

    if you are looking for a proper tall person to test the rumblefish, let me know!

    That XT crankset would look out of place on anything at STW towers, send it to Scotland and I’ll hide it away to save you any embaressment.

    I’ll test the Rumblefish if you like? I’m nearly 7 feet tall and I’ve broken a Yeti & a Commencal in the last 12 months 🙂

    That Gary Fisher bike decals make it look like an apollo!

    wish my letterbox was stuffed with goodies like that each friday 🙁

    I don’t think that the 2010 Fisher colours and graphics are as good as the 09. IMHO.
    I reckon that tyre is the new Bonty 29er specific one. Already seen at Chevin cycles website. N’est pas?

    And hasn’t that Fisher got them fitted already too?

    Another one here wanting a go on the Fush pls.

    My only question is – what’s in the Singular box????

    Send me those gloves and I’ll test them out for your.

    I’ll put the video up for all to see!

    See if the gloves give you a skin rash like they did to me

    how on earth is that Gamut thing 99 quid? is it made of titanium?

    I fancy one of those iPhone thingys – I’ll put it to the test on my regular commute if you like! And maybe a bit of offroad stuff too…

    Any idea when you’ll know the price?


    £1,800 for a pair of wheels. Has apathy taken over all us bike fans? DT Swiss wouldn’t price them at that level if they wouldn’t sell. So there must be plenty of muppets out there prepared to pay it. Would love to know their profit margin on them.

    that fisher is the ugliest cheapest looking bike Ive seen for ages. The paint scheme makes it look like something from Toys R Us

    johnclimber has one of those fishers….his looks awful too

    Agree with Jim. Am starting to feel that the p1ss is being taken.

    That Fisher is the worst lookin bike I have seen for a while. Only a mother could love that munter. What a terrible colour scheme, I agree with bushwhacked 100%.

    Quote: A nice looking chain guide device to combat chain retention and aggressive trail obstacles. There’s not much equipment for your money though.

    Bashguard…tick, BB.ISCG/ISCGo5 mounted backplate and roller…tick. Works…tick. What else do we need exactly>

    As for the Fisher, Jesus, i agree with function over form and all that, but it appears their remit was to build a two wheeled ‘munter’. To be honest that ahs othing to do with the 29ers, that thing would ming even if it had Miranda Kerr pereched on the saddle.

    i think the hardest job at singletrack towers must be the post boy opening all that bling,, does he double as a mechanic,, as it must be a full time job putting all those bits together
    but if you need someone to do the job let me know

    the gary fisher has that “driven into a wall” look.
    if it don’t look right, it usually isn’t.

    testing a pair of wheels costing nearly 2K must be a lovely job but for us mere morsals its utterly pointless ……can we have a few more realistic tests please.

    gamut chain device – not much for your money
    …but you get 2 free stickers. What more you want, blood?

    Gary Fisher Rumblefish, Munter stylee, tick!

    That looks good for me then, I like my ugly bikes I do.

    DT Swiss in another “on a different planet” shocker. If they were 1200g a set then I can see a market for them but 1550g is not particularly light (and achievable at a fraction of the price). This is assuming the EXC moniker means they’re XC/AM rims rather than designed for DH (if they were designed for DH with no rider weight limit and a decent warranty then I could see them having some market, if they’re XC/AM then I just can’t see why anyone would buy them, even if you’re stupid-rich there’s better options).

    It’s weird that the Fisher’s colour scheme is exactly the same as my grotty old GF Mako, which is about as base spec as you can get.

    Still, at least the Mako looks like a real bike instead of something from the Argos catalogue

    “Chipps is under instruction to go out and try to pinch flat as much as possible to see if they explode”
    You sure he’s up to the job? For pinch flats I’m your man 🙂

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