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Matt’s new Long Termer – a Santa Cruz Blur LT. Matt wanted “just a normal bike” for once rather than something niche-tastic. He can’t remember the last time he had a “normal bike” 🙂


New saddles from Ragley. Available in loads of different designs and colourways. Available with cromo rails or titanium rails.


DT Swiss EXC1550 carbon wheels. Destined for Chipps’ Orange Blood project.


Society Xeno 100mm fork from Ison Distribution. Benji was after a stout 100mm travel bolt-thru fork for his dirtjump/injury bike.


New tunes for the office.


MRP Podium chain ring. For our pass-the-parcel Long Termer Ibis Tranny.


Also for the Tranny, MRP 1X guide (developed with Adam Craig on his 1×9 race bike).


The Knog Tool 20 open…


…the Knog Tool 20 opened up.


Marzocchi Bomber 55 RC3 Ti
From: Windwave

The sleek looking Bomber 55 is an all mountain / freeride fork which has 160mm travel, a 20mm axle, a titanium spring to shave weight and Marzocchi’s RC3 open bath technology which allows for adjustment of air preload, hi/low compression and rebound. RRP of £899


Lucozade Mega Box
From: Windwave

We got sent a box of energy boosting, mind stimulating treats from Lucozade recently. We got fuel cereal bars, recovery bars, muscle gel, recovery powder, muscle powder, hydration powder and mind stimulating powder. There should be no excuses for tiredness sin the office for the next week or so! RRP £It’s a big box


For Goodness Shakes
From: For Goodness Shakes

For Goodness Shakes have releases a new, smaller, Sprint 330g shake to accompany their Elite 500g bottles. Designed specifically for lower intensity training recovery, and available in ChocMalt, SuperBerry and Banna flavours, For Goodness Shakes combine a ratio of carbohydrate to protein along with all 9 essential amino acids for fast recovery. Available to buy exclusively in Asda or on-line. RRP £95 p


Extrawheel Voyager Bike Trailer
From: Extrawheel

The Extrawheel Voyager is a single-wheel trailer with built in pannier racks. The system can be purchased in a frame only option, or in 26″ or 700c wheel options. The simple skewer connection allows easy attachment to any style of bike and it is recommended for loads up to 35kg. The version we received came with masses of storage bags including 2 80l side mounting panniers bags which have 3 separate detachable bags each. RRP approx £285.00


Howies NBL Stones
From: Howies

These newly updated merino boxers have a new elasticated waistband contained within a merino casing so you have warn wool instead of cold nylon against your skin. The Flatlock seams should ensure ultimate comfort.RRP £35


Howies Women’s Slipstream Top
From: Howies

Similar to the men’s Slipstream, the female specific slipstream is a slim, figure fitting top made from merino wool with good moisture wicking capabilities.

Comments (23)

    “RRP of £899”


    heh i like it that an LT2 is a ‘normal bike’ 🙂

    Do you have to give all this stuff back at any point?

    like the idea of the extrawheel coming as a frame only option 🙂

    £899 RRP

    Don’t worry I can see the future, as good/improved as they may be nobody is going to buy them, and you’ll be able to get them in the CRC sale this time next year for about £200 :p

    £899.00 is kind of where the rest of the competition is price wise at the moment

    Can’t comment on the boxers though ;]

    I keep looking at the Extrawheel. It’s a shame it’s gone from £150 to £285 in the last couple of years, but it will be interesting to read your comments.

    Just my 2pence worth but in my opinion suspension fork prices have gone absoloutly silly over the past 2 or 3 years. Knocking on close to a grand for a trail fork or a top end xc fork is crackers!
    I know raw materials have gone up but lets face it, there isnt that much raw material in a fork to warrant the price near on doubling in 3 years. Im sure manufactures importers etc will be able to justify this with R&D exchange rates tax bla bla bla but if you ask me prices american websites have fox/ rockshox etc up for looks at least more realistic..
    old git rant over!

    It all started with the original Fox 36 Talas, the brown one released in 2005. That was a big step up in terms of price when it was launched at around £650.
    Part of it must be that trail fork technology has come on a very long way the last few years. They used to be relatively simple units but now with the external travel adjusters and the compression damping adjustments, they’re far more complicated.
    DH forks always used to be this sort of money and used to have a similar level of sophistication. There is more material involved in their fabrication, but then its not so much the metal that’s expensive as the technology inside them.

    fair point geetee, but i would hope there must be a point that when enough forks are sold the expence in developing this technolgy is recouped and prices can be reduced. I could just be out of touch but at the moment even mid range forks are looking like pro only prices. I had u-turn on rockshocks in 2003-4 so I would hope they had their money on developement back by now. Fox have always historicly been expensive but it looks like the others are jumping on the band waggon.

    btw the way I was thinking of the brown 36’s being some of the earliest memories of Fecking hell prices!

    Look forward to the Blur reviews.

    Flamejob – i think they have to give back the Howies!

    Note to self, do not look at fresh goods with missus looking over shoulder…

    I’ll echo Tree-magnets sentiments….. £35 for boxers……. FFS… merino or no merino…. Calvin’s cost £20…

    “Available in loads of different designs and colourways”.

    When I were a lad things came in colours. I have yet to establish how a colourway is different from a colour.

    White is a colour, as is black (if we don’t get semantic). Black and white vs. red and green are different colourways.

    I like the look of the Knog tool and the trailer thingy.

    The marz forks look retro, and none the worse for it. Thoroughly modern price though.
    Love the blue on the Blur.

    Just be super careful with the MRP chain guide bolts….soft as butter and very easy to knacker

    I dont think I’ll ever be able to justify buying a decent after market fork at RRP!

    I’m wearing the old version of those Stones now. Love them. Yes, pricey. Not regretted the outlay myself.

    Fork prices… …no new forks for most of us this year I suppose. However, I think that for a while they were produced too cheaply though, with every fork manufacturer having production issues with at least one model. I’d rather they cost a bit more and you could have faith that you’re far less likely to get a dodgy pair. Forks cost more now, but they ARE better.

    That LT2 will end up with 170mm Lyrics, 780mm bars, 40mm stem – in an attempt to recreate that Alpine 5 feeling 🙂

    Extrawheels are an elegant solution and far and away the best of the cycle trailer systems but they just don’tmake sense for serious riding. The generate massive and V dangerous speed wobble at high speed and are unbraked, ie.if you’re doing 30mph and you brake hard then the weight in the trailer is pushing your bike foward whilst generating no downward pressure through the tyres (and therefore traction).
    Of 6 of us who rode the Continental Divide route last year, the 3 riders using trailers (both Bob and extrawheels)all suffered crashes as a result of their trailers.
    Great for shopping, bugger all use for serious off road touring. Panniers are popular for a reason, and yes, you can ride off road with full F+R panniers.

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