Fresh Goods

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It’s been a slow this week in terms of fresh goods – but here’s what we got in.


Spank Tugg Job Grips
From: RidingHigh

These bright, 145mm grips are extra thin and claim to be extra responsive. What makes them different however, is the fact that they smell! Made with a slightly scented rubber, they are available in 6 fruity flavours – magic black, apple red, grape purple, berry blue, zesty orange and vanilla white. While it sounds good initially – the real test will be how fresh they smell after hours of sweathy, filthy trails. RRP £7.99

Garmin 500
Garmin 500

Garmin Edge 500
From: Garmin Europe

The Edge 500 is a new GPS from Garmin. It weighs 60g and is the same size as most cycle computers – 4.8 x 6.9 x 2.2cm. It features a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, requires no calibration, can be switched quickly and easily between bikes and connects wirelessly with ANT+™ compatible third-party power metres. Variable features allow it to track speed, distance, time, GPS position, elevation, calories burned, altitude, climb and descent. The Edge 500 can also be wirelessly connected to a Garmin speed/cadence sensor and a Garmin heart-rate monitor. Then, once your ride’s done, you can connect the Edge to your computer with the included USB cable to analyze your performance. RRP: Basic package (Garmin Edge 500, bike mount, ac charger, usb cable, cd manual) £199.00. Deluxe package (Basic with cadence + heart rate monitors) £249.00


DMR Moto Digger Wire
From: Upgrade Bikes

The DMR Moto Digger is a dirt specific tyre for looser, softer conditions. The big volume casing allows lower tyre pressure to be run, giving a wider contact area and increased control. The sharp edged, Motocross style tread blocks are profiled to dig deep and find grip where other tyres lose it. Staggered shoulder blocks that wrap round the tyre, give powerful high speed, low angle cornering. RRP £19.99

Comments (12)

    4.8 x 6.9 x 2.2mm?? That Garmin is tiny! no wonder you couldn’t get it in focus…

    Scented grips. Whatever next?

    Saddles probably………..

    it’s not in focus… thought it was the wine I have been drinking

    moto diggers are a good tyre. have one on the back in 2.3 and you’re never going to win an xc race with it but it rolls pretty well, is beefy to prevent punctures and the block tread works in a good range of conditions, although not snow as i reacently discovered.

    scented grips.

    how can anyone not want those?

    scented grips… i cant decide if im offended or embarrassed or just bewildered.

    When I was a Skateboarder in the good old 70’s a couple of wheel companies made scented wheels and then one went just a little better and made flavoured ones. If I remember correctly (doubtful) each flavour designated a Shore hardness. (In those days we had a lovely big range of wheel hardnesses from 60A to about 99A. Ahh the good old days). Can’t remember who did the scented or flavoured. Someone made Cherry bombs but they weren’t either (I think). Very hard too. Bit loke modern ones except wider.

    Fancy one of those Garmins.

    “Scented grips. Whatever next?”

    Ribbed ones?

    it was a slow week wasn’t it

    Garmin looks in focus to me !!!!


    The scented wheels you’re talking about were called Cadilac Hot Lips.

    The good old days indeed. :o)

    wow it will be like smelly rubbers at school all over again with those grips!

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