Core Bike 2

by Matt Letch 7

More shiny  goods from Core..

Microshift is being distributed by Upgrade and is essentially  cheaper shifting gear for people. Super cheap, looks good (and, we believe) works over a Shimano cassette. There’re even road shifters too.

Lezyne always has a lot of fun stuff on show and their range of bags has been increasing too.

Lezyne has some nice new packs for this year this one is the adroit and mid sized day pack. Mesh side pockets on the hip belts for easy access on rides are something we approve of .

Lezyne are also using a Aluminum back panel to stop bladders bowing in your back – you can pre-bend it to your shape as well.

Firebreak is their wee diddy race pack /quick spin pack.

Nice colours as always from DMR.

Love or hate colourway on this Quintanaroo tri Bike.

Identiti Krisis Sl new lighter better jump frame.

As yet to be named 5in trail bike from Identiti.

Identiti commute urban bike. Nice colourways.

Lezyne  Trackpumps in a whole load of colours for colour coordinated garages/sheds.

Reynolds 26in Dirt jumping wheels in carbon!!

This Team, blinged out jump bike weighed in at 23 pounds.

TRP twin piston brakes with carbon lever, price TBC.

Geax AKA Tyre – Like a more triangular treaded version of Kenda Small block 8s


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  1. “Love or hate colourway on this Quintanaroo tri Bike.”

    I didn’t realise Bagpuss did triathlons.

  2. Liking the Bagpuss Qintanaroo. How much?

  3. Love the look of of the Identiti commute urban bike!

  4. TRP brake could be interesting. Have a set of their carbon calipers on my road bike and they seem to me to be as good as anything else.

    Not keen on the rotor though.

  5. I like that Geax tyre in the same way i like girls with nice bottoms who wear leggings.
    Something nice about it

  6. colourway! have I missed the introduction of a new word?

  7. Give me back my bike!

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