Singletrack Northern Gathering

by Ben Haworth 8

As the best mountain bike magazine in the North*, we at Singletrack were tired of having to schlep down to London (or Friedrichshafen, or Las Vegas) in order to catch up with people who live and work just over the hill from us.

To this end, and to celebrate the start of another Grim Northern Winter™, we had a Northern Gathering for the corner of the bike trade that exists above Birmingham.

It was a mellow gathering of like-minded folks at Singletrack Towers, starting with elevenses of Singletrack coffee, with pastries from the pie shop round the corner, then out on a ride. Finally we’ll reconvened at the office for a traditional Northern pie and peas supper, washed down with some local valley beers.

*OK, so we’re the only one. That doesn’t make us any less ace…

Comments (8)

  1. Who’s the lady with the potty mouth?

    Looks like a fun time.

  2. That egg blue Pace (?) was delicious

  3. Looks like there was a lot of mincing…

  4. gnarcore… or maybe jeycore; not sure! 😉 😀

  5. That was the ‘XC’ ride. And there was a bit of mincing, though there was some good riding around too. The ‘Hebden Tech’ ride was so awesome that all the video cameras exploded due to the sheer amount of awesomeness.

    That Pace was great and ridden rather well by Adrian Carter himself…

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