Premier Users Can Now Reduce Number of Adverts Displayed

by Ben Haworth 13

This is the first of a many planned “Extra Functions” available exclusively to our Premier Users.

To reduce the number of adverts displayed in the right hand column from 9 to just 2, simply follow these instructions…

Step 1: Click on the “Premier Users” tab (not a Premier User?)…

Step 1.

Step 2: Click on the “Account Status” button (near the bottom)…

Step 2.

Step 3: Click on the “Reduce Adverts” button…

Step 3.

You should now only see a couple of adverts displaying in the right hand column which should speed up the loading of the website without impairing the display of story content.

Fancy joining the Brave New World of Singletrack Premier? Going Premier costs from as little as £4 a year. Click here to read more about it.

P.S. Your Premier account page is also linked in your user profile. Just click on your username in the top right (Welcome, USERNAME!).

Comments (13)

  1. more like it! nice one guys. Will be upgrading as soon as the christmas skintage has passed!

  2. Fat man has gone, to be replaced on pretty much every page of the forum by the ‘fitness singles’ lady. What an upgrade!

  3. You appear to have pushed the button at precisely the time I’m currently updating the ads visible to premier users.. That’s a good ad backup.. It will shortly vanish

  4. How do your advertisers feel about this?

  5. The ads are still all appearing for Premier users, only in two ad positions on the page rather than seven. Their ads will still be seen.. But for perspective… If we had 3,000 Premier users who ALL push the reduce ads button that would still only reduce the ad display rate by less than 1% a month.

  6. Really reduces the page load times on our work system, yes I know I ought to be doing work but it’s nice to read/reply while I’m on the phone 😉

  7. That is so much easier on the eyes! When will be be able to upgrade online rather than via phone?

  8. Because we need to have you verbally confirm aspects of both your forum account and your subscription address we need you to call us or at least email sarah with both sets of details including a contact number.

    Note; The office will be closed from the end of today until the 4th January.

  9. Thanks Mark, but as a premier member I still don’t get it. There was nothing I was asked that couldn’t have been completed on an online form. Guess I am missing something.

  10. Since you need to have a direct debit or repeat billing sub setup we have to double check everything. It’s people’s bank accounts we are dealing with and the rules from BACS governing what we can and can’t do remotely are extremely tight.

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