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It’s Christmas in a few weeks – if you haven’t already purchased your gifts, maybe some of this weeks fresh goods will provide you with inspiration.

Shred Issue 51 Cover

Shred Magazine
From: Shredmagazine

Shred is the UK’s only XC racing MTB magazine and issue 51 is bigger and better than ever before. Featuring an in-depth interview with Oli Beckingsale, a full rundown from the best of the British MTB series, travel features from the Roc d’Azur and Mongol Rally, as well as the usual mix of news, reviews and utter madness; readers are guaranteed to be kept up to speed with everything that’s big news in the world of XC mountain bike racing. RRP £3.00


Shiny Cufflinks
From: ShinyCufflinks

Hand crafted from a combination of sterling silver fasteners and a top of the range shimano cycle chain link, these cufflinks currently come in two different, with either ‘bling bling’ or ‘antique’ finishes available. Next year, new chain brands will be available as well as a ‘pimp daddy’ gold finish version.  They come in a plain black box and RRP at £50.


Crank Brothers M10 Multi-Tool
From: 2Pure

The M10 is a light but robust multi-tool. It has  2,2.5,3,4,5,6 and 8 mm hex wrenches, a phillips and a flat screwdriver and a t-25 torx wrench. It is finished with stylish looking gold aluminium bars. RRP £16.99


Pedros RXM Multi-Tool
From: 2Pure

The RXM is the first multi-tool to include a Mavic M7 spoke wrench. It holds 12 tools, 2,3,4,5,6 and 8mm hex keys, flat screwdriver, Mavic M7 spoke tool and a chain tool with integrated 3.2, 3.3 and 3.5mm spoke wrenches. RRP £19.99


Crank Brothers M17 Multi-Tool
From: 2Pure

The M17 is the M10’s bigger brother. It has the same components as the 10, but also has 8 and 10mm open wrenches, a stainless steel 8/9/10 speed compatible chain tool and a 4 different spoke wrenches, all of which are built into the chain tool’s body. It is also finished with the same stylish gold bars and has a rubber retention band to keep the bits together. RRP £22.99


Puncture Guard Tyre sealant
From: Rapidracerproducts

Puncture guard claims to be a non-drying tyre sealant. Using a special micro-fibre technology, which is claimed will do no damage to tyres or rims, the sealant remains liquid until the moment you need it. The sealant comes in a cross-country or downhill variation, with the downhill formula designed to seal large snake bites and the xc formula designed for thorns and small pinches. A 250ml bottle will fully protect 4 tyres. RRP £


King Cage Titanium Bootle Cage
From: Axel Imports

This titanium bottle cage is handmade and is super light. The makers claim each cage weights just 28grams, is still stronger than most carbon cages and will last forever. Another bonus is that they don’t mark or scratch your bottle like most other cages. Chipps had these on his Fargo during his summer adventure and recommends them highly. There is also a stainless steel version available. RRP ti version £49.99 Steel £31.00


Titanium Tyre Levers
From: Axel Imports

These tyre levers were a gift from Clive and Andy at Axel Imports. They are made from the spare cut offs from the titanium bottle cages and as such are incredibly light, yet strong.


Pedros Green Fizz Bike Wash
From: 2Pure

Apparently Green Fizz can be used with or without water, which is an unusual claim. Generally, we find that a bit of elbow grease and water is still the best cleaner and what’s wrong with a mucky bike? So unless it turns you into the incredible hulk it probably won’t stand out more than any other cleaner. RRP £4.99 per 475ml


Over Board Adventure Duffel Bag
From: Over Board

This bag has a 90 Ltr capacity and has been given a class 1 waterproof rating – with class 5 being entirely waterproof to depths of 19 feet. It has a tough, durable base, optional back-pack style straps and internal mesh pockets. It also has an Id pocket on top for easy recognition. RRP £49.99


Fox Launch Pro Knee Pads
From: Fox Europe

New for 2010, the Launch Pro pads offer superior comfort while also providing high levels of protection. The majority of the pad is perforated neoprene which provides a stable, yet comfortable fit while the kevlar plates provide high impact resistance and the elastic strapping at the top and bottom ensure that the pad position is just how you like it. RRP approx £38


Fox Launch Shorty Knee Pads
From: Fox Europe

These robo-cop styled pads use a patented “X-up” strapping system which lock in on both sides of your knee, preventing any twisting or slipping while riding. The pads are vented for increased comfort and have thick hard shell plates to provide high impact protection. RRP £35


Fox Titan-MTB Guard
From: Fox Europe

Made with an inner foam panel to add increased comfort and position stability these pads are made with a high impact plastic shell and use a one time adjustement, dual Posi-lock clip system. RRP £20.00


Lezyne Multi Block
From: Upgrade Bikes

The Multi Block contains an 8mm hex, a phillips and flat head screwdrivers, a bottle opener, disc pad wedge, 10mm and 8mm open spanner type bits and a tyre lever. It has a extra long handle for leverage and is finished with a simple but effective chrome, steel mix. RRP £15 approx


Lezyne Torx Block
From: Upgrade Bikes

As it says basically. A block of torxs, with t6,7,9,10,15,20,25,27 and t30. It has the same styled finish as the multi block. RRP £15 approx


Lezyne Power Cage
From: Upgrade Bikes

A sturdy, however quite heavy, cnc’d bottle cage with a built in low-profile mount for all lezyne pumps.


Lezyne Speed Drive C02
From: Upgrade Bikes

A presta-only C02 bottle. The slip-fit design allows for immediate installation and inflation saving time and effort. RRP £12.99


Lezyne Chain Drive
From: Upgrade Bikes

This nicely contoured 9/10 speed chain tool comes with 4 spoke wrenches, 2 standard square and 2 mavic compatable wrenches.


Lezyne ChainStay
From: Upgrade Bikes

Avaiable is small, medium and large sizes, these chainstays are made from heavy duty, machine washable neoprene and stretch to provide a tight fit. RRP £7.99 small, 8.99 medium, 9.99 large


Lezyne Pen Guage
From: Upgrade Bikes

Compatable with all hose style Lezyne pumps, the Pen guage has a display bar which shows you what PSI or Bar your tyre is currently at, meaning you wont have to judge by the finger squeeze test anymore. RRP £14.99


Lezyne HV Drive Pump
From: Upgrade Bikes

The HV Drive comes with a water bottle mounting bracket and a presta and schrader compatable hose. RRP £20 approx


Loeka Capri Length DH & Freeride Shorts
From: HotLines

Loeka are a female specific bike clothing company. The Capri is their DH short, designed to handle high speeds and rough trails. They have a waterproof, nylon outer layer and a lycra mesh lining for comfort and wicking. The waist band has a 4-way stretch system in the rear to ensure proper fit while riding. The seams are finished with purple stitching in our version giving them an extra standout factor. RRP £84.99


Shimano SH-MT91 Shoes
From: Madison

The MT91 is a hard-core hiking boot designed for extreme rugged terrain. The custom made Vibram sole offers excellent traction with high abrasion resistance and the Gore-Tex liner keeps water out while still allowing good breathability. The EVA shock absorbing mid sole and low profile heel provide stability on and off the bike. These are also Chipps’s favourite shoes. RRP £149.99

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    Fox Titan’s really £20? That seems VERY good value, unless in kids only sizes

    “the downhill formula designed to seal large snake bites”

    Is that sealant meant for tubed or tubeless setups? Surely you can’t pinch flat a tubeless tyre setup? For one, what would it pinch between?

    I’ve pinched flatted tubeless tyres. I guess it’s more of a split than a pinch.

    If you’ve never pinched a tubeless tyre, you aren’t riding Bonty tubeless ready!

    New shoes on a table = Bad Luck!

    Highly rate the CB17 tool. Been using one for yonks. Great bit of kit.

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