Coldly Christmas Commercial Countdown – Day 7: Sub-in-a-Box Special

by Nathan 9

Singletrackify your Christmas experience this year by purchasing the perfect gifts for your friends and family via our on-line shop. Alternatively, just buy something for yourself too with our Christmas deals!

You need to be quick though, as we can only guarantee pre-Christmas delivery on orders placed before 10:30am on Mon 21st December.

Today’s Coldly Commercial Christmas Countdown selection is…

xmassubinaboxSingletrack Sub-In-A-Box only £19.99 until 5pm this Sunday (£32 after)

Click here to buy

We’ve got a fantastic deal on subscriptions until 5pm this Sunday where you can buy an entire year’s worth of Singletrack, 8 issues to be exact, for only £19.99 – thats less than £2.50 per issue!

So why not give someone (or you) the best present they could get this Christmas with a Sub-in-a-box.

Normally after you’ve bought a subscription all you have to hand over on the big day itself is a card with a little note saying that some mags will arrive one day. You don’t get that big thrill on their face as they tear off the wrapping paper.

Well, we’ve solved all that. Now you can buy a Sub-in-a-box.You get a real box that you can wrap up and hand over to that special person at Christmas. Inside they’ll find a prepaid subscription form to fill in along with a prepaid envelope to post it. But that’s not all. There’s also a copy of the current issue for them to read straight away and some fancy Singletrack stickers to slap around.

Chipps Guides You Through the Sun-in-a-box

Comments (9)

  1. Gosh do I feel happy about paying full price for this just two days agos! Thanks.

  2. Swedish Chef – email me (ben at singletrackworld dot com) with your postal address and I’ll send you something special 🙂

  3. Is it a copy of issue 54 in the box?

  4. hi… almost for 3 or 4 days you say on the top of page, that issue 54 is out now, but i still cannot see it for download… what are you waiting for? 😉

  5. excellent stuff! thankyou singletrack

  6. Like Swedish chef I’m a little put out at buying this last weekend, thems the breaks hey.

  7. Has this gone back to the full price early?

  8. Just went to buy sub but its full price, what gives guys. Ad said before 5pm on the 20th……..its only 12.30 just now :o(

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