Charge Bikes’ Nick Larsen Interview (Premier Content)

by Ben Haworth 7

Here’s the full, unedited 6,000 word version of the edited-down version in Singletrack Issue 54.

Chipps caught up with the enigmatic Nick Larsen of Charge Bikes for a chat.

Chipps: “I first met Nick back in 1995. I was working for a bike magazine and he was a student. He came into the office and photocopied my entire contacts list so that he could write to them all for a placement job. I’ve admired his persistence and drive ever since, so thought it was time to pin him down for an interview.”


ST: Did you always want to be a bike designer?

NL: I think I did. Ever since I got my first off road bike when I was eight – a second hand grifter. After that I was hooked on riding bikes. I had a brief stint before BMXs were widely available where I rode skateboards but I was better at riding bikes and enjoyed getting as muddy as I could on a bike. From then on I always tried to incorporate bikes into whatever I did – school projects, weekends away… and that hasn’t stopped.

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Comments (7)

  1. That last bit sounds like you’ve got a mass chip on your shoulder about the STW forums?

    “what Charge does is ‘marketing bullshit’” Perhaps your frames aren’t as good as Cy’s & Brant’s, ever thought of that?

    BTW I loved your duster tango project.

  2. Perhaps your frames aren’t as good as Cy’s & Brant’s, ever thought of that?

    A bit unfair i think – they’re very different frame designs. they ‘pop’ and jump better than most and they’ve stuck to 100mm forks so they will feel different.

  3. Good interview. Hmmm after bending yet another derailler today, I’m thinking about an alfine hub too! And a tangerine re-spray – I do agree about the geeky aspect. I’s love a go on an 18″ Duster (I live about 15 mins for Radstock)

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